Reader Email: Another Response to Justin Long

Reader Email: Another Response to Justin

Les Weighs In

By now I hope most of you have read Justin Long’s Guest Editorial on race relations and the future of porn. I opened it up to reader comments and got this one in the mail. Les has always made great contributions to the site and offers some good insight here. Please read and comment at will. Same rules apply. Be polite or don’t bother. We can have a discussion, even a heated one, without breaking down and coming rude.

Les Writes:

Rog: I was not going to join in the discussion regarding Justin’s farewell to porn but I think something is missing from the discussion.
Long states he’s leaving porn due to racism in the industry, citing some white women won’t work with black men, and studios won’t produce IR porn. Is there racism in porn? Of course there is. Wherever you have people of different ethnicity working together there will be some degree of racism present. It’s human nature, unfortunately.
But, in my mind, the reason studios don’t produce more IR porn is something else. Porn is a product produced for a demographic slice of the population sold for the purpose of making a profit. If IR porn was a genre that made serious money the studios would produce and sell it. The economics of the situation would seem to tell us the market for IR scenes is a niche market, and a small niche at that (compared to the total number of scenes released in a year). I’m pretty sure if IR was a serious money maker the studios wouldn’t take no for an answer from female talent. If the demand for IR porn was the same for scenes with blond women with bolt on chests the producers would find a new crop of starlets that would perform in the scenes.
To change the porn industry you have to change the preferences of the buying public. Good luck with that.

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