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I’ve been so wrapped up in learning how to input stuff to the new site design that I’ve been lacking in more personal news stories lately. Forgive me that. (And now the flood of emails comes in telling me not to be sorry and to keep my damn mouth shut. Thanks guys.) There were some things I really wanted to touch on today and I’m going to do it before I finish up this latest video review. (Not to give too much away, but it’s the best feature I have seen in 2002.)

First on the agenda is a quick look around the world of sports. What a great time of year this is. Football is just kicking in and baseball is coming down to the wire. There are months ahead to talk about football, but so far the Patriots look for year, the Rams look flat and holy shit, the Chargers are unbeaten. Ain’t that a kicker!

Bigger by far is the amazing NoCal/SoCal baseball war going on this week. The Giants in Los Angeles to protect a 1 game lead over the Dodgers for the wild card. I guess I should care, but I hate the Giants almost as much as I hate the Dodgers. It’s just nice to see these two rivals go at it. So far, the series is 1-1 so the Giants have their 1 game lead in tact. Up the coast in Oakland, the Angels and A’s are locked up in a 4 game set for the American League West title. The Angels came in with a 1 game lead and have split the first two games. Last night’s 10-inning, 1-0 Angel win was one of the most intense games I’ve seen all year. This is some of best baseball I’ve seen all year and whoever comes out ahead will have a leg up as they finish out the season.

Saturday was Mrs. Rog’s birthday and I really lucked out. I asked her where she wanted to go to dinner and she picked this busy little taco restaurant around the corner. The place is a family run joint with really good food. We walked in and sat down not two minutes before the De La Hoya/Vargas fight. Not the biggest fight fans in the world; we still had a great time watching an incredible bout. Oscar just took Vargas to school and knocked his out. All that and great food too, it was quite a night.

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