Reader Response to Justin Long



Reader Response to Justin Long

BT Says “It’s All About Fantasy”

By now I hope most of you have read Justin Long’s Guest Editorial on race relations and the future of porn. I opened it up to reader comments and got this one in the mail. BT has been a reader for a long time and he has presented some interesting points. Please read them and comment at will. Same rules apply. Be polite or don’t bother. We can have a discussion, even a heated one, without breaking down and coming rude.

BT Writes:

I read this note on Luke Is Back, and certainly understand Justin Long’s point. If this issue were about being allowed to work side by side at the cash register at Banana Republic or working as a financial analyst on Wall Street, I would agree.

But porn is a visual medium about satisfying the fantasies of the viewer. There’s a reason that a lot of porn gals are blondes – guys, and I’m guessing gal customers, seem to want to watch blonde performers having sex. There’s a reason that most female performers have breast implants.

More than almost any other industry that I can think of, porn is about giving the customer what they want to watch, about fulfilling fantasies – heck, that’s the rationalization by porn companies for all sorts of behavior that many folks, including some porn consumers like me, find repugnant, like slapping, spitting etc. From reading your posts over the years, I know that you don’t like squirting.

For example, I enjoy watching DP’s now and then. At the same time, interracial sex is not one of my fantasies. Long story short, like many of her fans, I waited for years to see Nina Hartley do a DP – and all of her DP scenes that I can recall were interracial. As a porn consumer, that’s not the fantasy I wanted to watch. I was disappointed. Am I a racist? I don’t know. I’m also turned off by Janine’s tatoos and white male performers like Mr. Pete who look a little like ex-cons and keep whispering to the gals while their performing. It’s just not my fantasy.

At the end of the day, porn is about delivering a product that consumers are waiting to buy. I know there’s a niche of customers who want to watch Lisa Ann in a three-way with all black performers. I’m not one of them. That’s not my fantasy. If that was the bulk of her scenes, well, I’d watch someone else’s scenes.

If the majority of porn consumers begin to clamor for IR, my guess is producers will deliver more IR content and gals who want to make a living in porn will do more IR. But, if the consumer isn’t looking for it, the industry can’t force it on them.


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