Erotic City a Hit at LA Pride

Mh3>Erotic City a Hit at LA Pride

West Hollywood, CA—Thousands of people poured into Erotic City this weekend at the Los
Angeles Pride Festival in West Hollywood. This year, Erotic City featured BDSM “tasting booths” where curious adult guests could try kinky things like bondage, spanking, flogging and electric play with a violet wand.

As Erotic City opened at 2:00 P.M. on Saturday, a wall of guests squeezed into the auditorium. Defying stereotypes, over 50 percent of those entering were female and the majority of the guests appeared to be between the ages of 20-30 years old.

The common denominator in the entire room was laughter. Friends dared each other to get zapped with a violet wand. The crowd cheered as men and women tried being flogged and spanked by mentors from and Sanctuary Studios LAX. Couples and friends even began doubling up for spankings at the playstations as Masters and Mistresses flirted with the crowd.

One of the cutest things at Erotic City was the puppy mosh pit. Volunteers brought their own doggy masks and performed in an inflatable pool converted to a ball pit. Guests had fun giving belly rubs and petting heads to eager pups wagging their tails.

After trying things like flogging and paddling for the first time, many looked to buy new gear for their own adventures. Deviant Leather and Firebird Leather were there to deliver and Laced Up Corsets gave many their first experience in trying on corsets and waist-cinchers.

In huge demand were the onstage performances. Master Gabriel dished out a canning with a glowing red light saber to Weird Al music. Mistress Cyan performed with Reverend Gear and Lady Remedy Ann Fetish. The crowd roared with approval at Sir Valentine’s two fisted bullwhip skills onstage.

“Even compared to an event like DomCon, this may be the most play our staff and kinky family have had over the course of a weekend,” said Mistress Cyan, Organizer of Erotic City and President of Sanctuary Studios LAX. “We had an overwhelming turnout and are so grateful to LA Pride for having us. Thank you to all who volunteered to perform onstage and at the tasting booths. Many kind thanks to Avatar LA and our vendors. We look forward to bringing even more to LA Pride next year.”

For more information on vending and sponsorships at Erotic City, call Mistress Cyan at 310-910-0525.

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