Stormy Daniels Cum Before the Storm

Stormy Daniels Cum Before the Storm

Movie Type: Compilation
112 Mins
CONDOMS: None Noted
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Blondes, Big Boobs
STARS: Stormy Daniels, Tyler Faith, Jenna Haze, Shyla Stylez, Ashton Moore, Joey Ray, Mark Davis

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Long before she was a household name, Stormy Daniels was a 2007 Penthouse Pet. She also made a bunch of movies before she became a Wicked superstar. These scenes actually come from old Jill Kelly Productions flicks. As such they are super heavy on the girl/girl action. It also means that the scenes look like they were shot underwater, in the dark with a layer of Vaseline on the lens. Not the best looking, but it is nice to see what while stars like Stormy and Jenna Haze make us nostalgic for stars of yesterday, the technical improvements make us super glad we have evolved. Stormy looks outstanding in these and has a keen sense of what it takes to please other women. It is really easy to spot the star quality that Wicked saw in Stormy . She is gorgeous and generally hotter than the movies allowed for. Her scene with Joey Ray is really good and watching her share with Shyla Stylez was very hot. Of course my love for all things Jenna Haze make her two scenes with Stormy really stand out. I forgot Jenna was with JKP for a bit. This movie has great nostalgic value and Penthouse has to be thrilled that Stormy’s story has her news every day. It gives them a chance to dust these scenes off and give us a blast from the past.

Stormy Daniels & Tyler Faith from Mind Phuk

The movie opens with a nice long, soft-focus striptease from Stormy . She shows off her moves and her body while getting naked over minutes. It is very well shot and hot, though seemingly unrelated to the first action of the movie. Stormy and Tyler Faith get mostly naked very quickly, stripping down to panties in the bathroom. It doesn’t look very comfortable but Tyler lies on the edge of the tub while Stormy licks her pussy. Apparently the pleasure outweighs the discomfort as both women enjoy s nice tongue bath outside of the tub. As you might expect, there is a fair amount of boob sucking here as they both enjoy each other’s hefty racks. They break out toys that seem to work quite nicely. They finish with a big kiss.

Stormy Daniels & Joey Ray from Hell on High Heels

After putting a band-aid on Joey’s head, Stormy goes about really nursing him back to health. They kiss and she hikes her skirt up as she climbs into his lap. Joey spreads her legs and licks her pussy, slowly picking things up and making her moan. She sucks his cock. Stormy is beautiful and gives some quality head here, but the shots are almost too close to really show much. With a face this pretty, why zoom in to only show a chin? Pushing her legs back, he slips into her and starts fucking. The doggy is really nicely shot and Stormy shows of some pretty tight abs when she gets on top. The scene finishes with a facial as she takes care to milk every drop from his lucky dick.

Stormy Daniels & Jenna Haze from Splendor

Stormy and Jenna Haze hook up in a sexy little lesbian romp in yet another bathroom. Jenna is naked and wet, while Stormy is in white lingerie. They both head over to the bathtub where the busty blonde makes a meal of her tiny partner. This scene quickly serves as a great reminder of just how hot Jenna Haze always looked on screen. Once Stormy is done eating Jenna’s hot little box, she breaks out a thick vibrator and goes to work. Nice looking toy play here as Stormy fucks Jenna. Always an enthusiastic girl/girl performer, Jenna enjoys Stormy’s big bobs and her juicy pussy. These two women are just perfect together. (Though the lighting is a big dim and the picture is fuzzy.)

Stormy Daniels, Shyla Stylez & Mark Davis from Reflections

After a tennis lesson, sexy friends Stormy and Shyla Stylez share their instructor (Mark Davis.) They look cute in those short skirts, but even better on their knees passing his big racquet back and forth. There is some good action here, but I am really amazed at just how far picture quality has come in porn. Everything is dark and a little fuzzy here. Mark fucks Shyla really hard and then lets her ride his face while Stormy takes his big cock. Again the camera angles need work. Too many extreme close ups that are supposed to look hardcore but just end up looking poorly framed. The shots of the two women kissing are really hot though. Shyla takes it in the ass for a bit and then they share a hot facial and kiss again to swap the load.

Stormy Daniels & Ashton Moore from When the Boyz Are Away the Girlz Will Play 7

Sitting by the pool looking super fine in a bikini, Stormy invites Ashton Moore to join her. They get wet together and then get out for fun. Stormy really does look fantastic here and ready to enjoy Ashton’s body. I love the sunlight for this one, though the picture quality is once again a tad blurry. Ashton munches pussy like she is unwilling to stop until her partner is beyond satisfied. She crawls out of the water and fingers Stormy from the side so that we get a great shot of her long legs spread wide and shaking from the fun. This is a good scene if like watching hot busty blondes have lesbian sex that is heavy on finger play.

Stormy Daniels, Ashton Moore & Jenna Haze from Young Fun

Stormy and Ashton are rocking the bikinis again when Jenna Haze joins them. They both want to play with the petite hottie and a three way romp ensues. They go right in for Jenna’s perky boobs first and give her plenty of attention. There is so much fuzzy lesbian footage in this movie that I am already a little burned out on it. However, Stormy looks great in a bikini and Jenna always makes a scene hot. With Jenna in the middle, the blonde help make a pussy licking train. They break out the toys and little Jenna proves to be quite skilled, working both busty blondes at once. They look great together and use the pool table for a super hot dildo triangle.

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