A Very Adult Wednesday Addams 2

A Very Adult Wednesday Addams 2


127 Mins
Burning Angel

DIRECTOR: Joanna Angel
THEMES: Porn Parody, Wednesdy Addams, Fauxcest, Rough Sex, Goth
STARS: Tommy Pistol, Small Hands, Ramon Nomar, Markus Dupree, Gage Sin


This movie takes a single theme and runs with it. It would be one thing to parody the Addams Family (Been there, done that) but this one just takes a single character, Wednesday Addams of course, and dressed up five girls to look like her and they go with that. Obviously, if you are into the particular fantasy, then the clothes and makeup with make this an interesting view. The problem is that outside of the look, there isn’t much going on. The performers are rather flat either by choice (trying to hit the monotone delivery that Wednesday is famous for) or just because they aren’t that hot. The sex seems to go from zero to seventy and then flatten out there. Gina Valentina is the best looking girl in the cast, but her scene suffers more than most from the side show sexuality. She is just so much hotter than this. I was pleasantly surprised by Holly Hendrix in this movie as she gives the best scene of the bunch. I like Burning Angel movies a lot and I was looking forward to this one. It just sadly didn’t live up to my expectations on any level.

Katrina Jade & Tommy Pistol

Katrina Jade is the first to don the pigtails and adopt the monotone deliver. She slips into the back of Tommy Pistol’s car for the shortest drive in Uber history. She invites him inside and he tries to stick to the code of conduct. When she flashes some scary magic he agrees to go inside and then is ordered to eat her pussy. Throwing her legs behind her head she enjoys a rigorous finger fucking while she licks her clit and gets her all juicy. She puts his dick in her mouth and lets him hold her head for some furious face fucking. Kristina rides his dick and then sucks him clean, deep throating with relative ease. Tommy fucks her with his foot on her head. This sexual heat is about as authentic here as the set. Tommy holes her against the wall to fuck her face some more before letting her ride again. Even Tommy seems bored as he stands over her, trying to make her puke with his hand until he can jerk a load past her face and onto her shoulder. I know this movie is a very specific fantasy played out over and over. I just hope it gets better.

Gina Valentina & Marcus Dupree

Gothed up Gina Valentina orders a dancing man to come strip for her. She watches Marcus shake his thing for a bit before a snap of her fingers has him naked. They rush through an exchange of oral sex and she spreads her legs wide to get pumped. Gina isn’t wasting any time here. He starts fucking the pretty girls while she stares into his eyes and takes every inch. He flips her into piledriver and works that pussy hard. There are nice shots of her legs as she shows off her flexibility and her feet seem to be in the shots a lot for those who are into flexed toes. They finally finish up with a really big cumshot all over her pretty face. I like this scene a lot better than the first, but it too kind of devolves into a choke fest that feels more like a work out than a good boning.

Holly Hendrix & Small Hands

Small Hands walks in on Wednesday who is dead. He is upset because he had come over here to kill her. Creepy dialog aside, no fuck that. Can’t put that aside, it’s just too bizarre to even be remotely sexy and not bizarre enough to be funny. No worries. They get naked and start fucking quickly. Holly looks the part and sticks her ass up in the air so they can go from zero to fifty in three strokes or less. She is on his lap with her tiny ass sliding up and down on his dick in no time. The hard anal is broken up with some face fucking and then into spoon where you can count her ribs if the anal sex bores you. When they switch to doggy, he shoves her face down with his hand and continues the general tone of this movie. He pulls out and shoots his load on her face and tits.

Charlotte Sartre & Ramon Nomar

Charlotte Sartre sits across the table from her new stepdad Ramon Nomar. The dialog really makes little sense so they kind of skip right to the part where she seduces mom’s new husband. He puts her on the table and eats her until she is wet enough to slide into. The dark clothes and basic hair are really all there is to make this scene fit the overall theme. There isn’t much else to make it stand out either. She smiles a lot. He grabs her head and they fuck with her legs up on his shoulders. It’s pretty basic stuff. When Charlotte gets on her knees, it takes Ramon about two seconds before her grabs her head and face fucks her. To be honest I kind of tuned out. I was trying to figure if the painting in the background actually had Joanna’s dog with snot running off the picture and onto the wall. As interesting as that side trip was for me, it doesn’t bode well for the heat and appeal of this scene. They end up doing anal in RCA and he finishes off with a shot on her face. There just isn’t anything special about this scene.

Lady Luna & Gage Sin

I admit it, by this point I am really bored with the premise. That makes the final scene between Lady Luna and Gage Sin an exercise in utter frustration. They get on the couch and he fucks her face. Then he turns her around and fucks her pussy while she bites on her panties. It isn’t really very energetic and she doesn’t even have the Wednesday look so if you aren’t into skinny girls with a lot of ink (And a pretty smile and nice boobs to be fair) then there isn’t much reason to stick around for this finale. They move through a number of positions and he works up a sweat while her pale cheeks end up glowing pink. They finish with a shot on her face.

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