Dredd 4

Dredd 4


Movie Type: All Sex
141 Mins
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan
THEMES: Big cock, BBC, Interracial Sex, Big Tits, Natural Tits, Big Ass
STARS: Angela White, Gina Valentina, Jada Stevens, Bridgette B, Dredd


Jules Jordan and Dredd have already established this line as a must-see for fans of super-sized IR fun. That’s what happens when you take the biggest dick in porn, team him up with some of the hottest stars and let the best gonzo director in porn shoot the fun. In this fourth volume, Jules and Dredd have a really nice mix. They have fresh faced new cuties, established stars, busty babes, big ass queens and of course, the biggest female start in the biz to take on the biggest cock. Let’s start there first. Angela White is the hottest thing going and she shows us why each and every time out. This scene features her paired up with Dredd and it lives up to all we would expect. Angela’s perfectly magnificent chest swallows up Dredd’s gigantic dick and that’s just the start. She seems truly awe-stuck by the sheer size of Dredd’s tool. Best of all, he seems to really enjoy his time with his gorgeous Aussie costar. They both seem to enjoy the challenge offered by the scene and absolutely rise to the occasion. I know I say this a lot, but you don’t want to miss Angela taking Dredd in every hole. If this scene doesn’t win awards then I will be totally shocked.Following such an epic scene is never easy, but Gina Valentina gives a very good performance. She is very cute, fresh and ready to take on the gigantic challenge. Jada Stevens gives ass lovers a nice big set of cheeks to go with Dredd’s big dick. The finale brings things right back where they should be. Bridgette B gives a little bit of role play fun as Jules’ busty new secretary. She has a real crush on Dredd and really wants to see his skills. This scene is fun and features fantastic action. Bridgette is a highly underrates performer who is worth checking out here. This is another good volume of this great new super-sized IR series with Angela and Bridgette bookending the action perfectly.

Angela White & Dredd

Without giving too much away, it looks like Jules Jordan is leading off with his strongest scene in this one. How do I know? Call it an educated guess. You take Angela White, by far the biggest star in XXX right now and pair her up with Dredd, the proud owner of the biggest cock in porn. What do you think is going to happen? Jules talks about it with Angela for a bit, going over her thoughts on how she might try tame Dredd’s beast of a cock. Dredd comes in and seems just as anxious to work with Angela. She takes his dick out and marvels at the size before using her mouth on it. He seems quite impressed by how well she manages to improvise since he is way too big to deep throat. Breaking out her big guns, Angela expertly uses her tits to surround his big cock with soft, perfect flesh. There was some pre-scene talk about Dredd’s propensity to lick ass. He does that for a few moments here before letting Angela straddle his lap and start fucking. She shows off her ass while stretching to take him deep. It ends up being Angela who does the ass licking, making Dredd’s eyes roll back in his head as she takes a rimming break before bending over to take his cock again. The shots of Angela in reverse cowgirl are really fantastic. What a body and so much sexual energy. Wow. She is in perfect position to try taking that massive meat between her cheeks. She rubs her pussy and turns in an incredibly impressive anal scene. Dredd bends her over and takes that ass from behind. They finish off with Angela sucking his balls and then double fisting his cock against her chest until he explodes. I’m going to finish this movie, but you Angela White fans can go ahead and order this DVD right now. You won’t want to miss this fantastic clash of the titans.

Gina Valentina & Dredd

Jules is very impressed by Gina Valentina’s booty as she bends over and teases him. Her thigh high boots certainly lead our eyes right to the money maker. She turns around and takes down her top, showing off her tiny titties. There is nothing tiny about the cock she fishes out of Dredd’s pants. She puts it against her lips and it looks like she could knock herself out with one shot to the jaw. After giving a little lip service, Gina leads everyone inside where the real fun will take place. Dredd eats her ass from behind while she stands in front of a full length mirror. While standing there he slips into her pussy from behind. It stretches her from the first stroke. They move to the bed so she can get on top and control the strokes a bit. Gina turns to face the camera and smiles as he pushes up into her. The boots are still on for those of you specific outfit requests. There are some really great close up shots here as she does her best to handle Dredd’s huge hambone. She ends up on her knees taking a nice load all over that smile and her perky breasts.

Jada Stevens & Dredd

Veteran porn tart Jada Stevens still has a really impressive backside. And she knows it too based on the tease footage here. She bends over and shakes it even before pulling aside her panties to show the tight little hole. Jada knows how to maximize her assets. Dredd has her asset in mind as he sneaks up behind her and licks her ass. Jada turns around for what she calls her “favorite part” and takes his big cock out of his pants. She starts sucking the head loudly while caressing the shaft with both hands. It stretches her lips, but she bends over with great anticipation to let him have a shot at her other holes. She takes it well and keeps bouncing her ass every chance she gets. Ready for the anal, she gets on her back and rubs her clit hard while he slides that fat pole into her backdoor. The ass shots as she rides his dick are fantastic. Jada takes him in her hands and mouth and sucks until he explodes for her. Ass fans will love this scene.

Bridgette B & Dredd

The finale is a bit of a throwback in that it features a little bit of dialog in the lead up. Bridgette B is Jules’ busty new secretary who happens to have a thing for big cocks. She gets overheated just looking at the Dredd DVD covers. As luck would have it, Dredd is meeting with Jules in the office. She is awestruck as she gets to touch it through his pants and then gets her eyes on it. Licking her way up the shaft, she uses both hands to keep the shaft rock hard. Bridgette plays to the camera nicely and really enjoys his extreme size. Dredd helps her out of her bra and then her skirt to get at that lovely body. Standing her up, he licks her ass and then works his long dick inside of the sexy Spanish secretary. I love the leg shots here. Bridgette is really a stunning woman and knows how to show off her body as she gets plowed by a monster dick. She climbs on top and spreads her cheeks while rocking her hips. Dredd finishes her off with a shot across the mouth. This is another hot scene from a woman who knows her way around a big dick.

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