Doc Johnson: X-LG Ben-Wa Balls



Doc Johnson: X-LG Ben-Wa Balls (Reviewed by Britney)

Type of Toy: Ben-Wa Balls


Bottom Line: Strange and Filling

Price: $20.99 at

Manufacturer: Doc Johnson (

Size: Half Dollar Size

Material: Smooth Plastic

Best For: Constant Stimulation, Full Feeling


This is something totally new for me. I’ve tried vibrators, dongs, clamps and all sorts of things. I’ve never tried the legendary Ben-Wa balls though. They are pretty simple really. Two balls, in this case XL balls that are just a little smaller than ping pong balls. The balls are inserted into the vagina and left there for “constant stimulation.”

These balls are smooth and with a little lube are easy to insert. Be careful not to use too much lube though because the suckers get a little slippery. I’ve used beads for both anal and vaginal play and they can be a lot of fun. Without the string the Ben-Wa balls can be a little harder to keep track of, but there are only two of them. These balls are smooth, comfortable and slightly weighted. Two of them aren’t enough to totally stuff things down there, but the longer I left them in, the more full I felt.

Once I got the balls in place I decided to put the “constant stimulation” thing to the test. I wore them out and about for some basic errands. I would hesitate to classify what I felt as constant stimulation. In fact it was rather uncomfortable at first. Perhaps the XL Ben-Wa balls were not a wise choice for my first Wa’cking good time. I couldn’t decide if I felt like the balls were going to fall out or if I just had to pee really, really badly.

Though walking around with the balls in me was not an instant turn on, I did enjoy the way they filled me and moved slightly as I drove from place to place. The vibrations from the car seemed to react well with the BWBs and I started to understand what all the fuss was about. I eventually even got used to the feeling as I walked around. Still felt like I had to pee, but it made waiting in line at the bank interesting as I tried shifting my body and coming up with different movement. I’m sure the folks in line with me thought that I was have a thong moment. Little did they know I was having some fun. Kind of a nice, sly sexual moment in public. I can see the appeal of this kind of sly manipulation, but it may take me a while to fully appreciate it.

By the time I got home I was ready to have the balls out, but also quite ready for some fun. I left them in and put a theory to the test. The vibrations from my favorite toy worked with the B-W Balls to create quite an experience. I don’t know if it was the two hours of foreplay from these little guys or the extra vibration, but whatever it was worked in a big way.

When I was finished, the balls cleaned up easily and went into the lovely little carrying bag that comes with them.

I’m definitely ready to give these guys another try and I have already put in a request for the regular sized Ben-Wa Balls.

Weaknesses: XL Might be a bit much.

Batteries Needed: None

Clean Up: Soap & Water.

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