Brings Women a Safe, Smart Way to Fulfill their Fantasies and Passions

Tags Brings Women a Safe, Smart Way to Fulfill their Fantasies and Passions
The Romance Resource That Points You to Passion

Los Angeles, CA/February 22, 2010 ” Leading adult social networking website and mobile application Pinpoints X™, the company that enables users to locate and interact with erotic partners and facilitators in specific, immediate-changing, real-time locations announces a free one month trial membership geared specifically for women.

Pinpoints X™, a pioneering location-aware social networking platform, provides direct access to all imaginable erotic resources around the user, and employs a complete real-time, personalized and interactive “Passion Map” of the user’s current location. The map will only display preferred ‘hook-ups’, while blocking undesirables and filters to the users’ pre-approved interactions. Like that of mainstream social networking, the site has a ‘stay hidden’ option where you can see others without being seen and secured data communication when chatting that is quite unique. There is no SMS usage and mobile numbers are completely classified. The company is providing women a free month to join. Pinpoints X™ recently celebrated it’s launch in New York with a private event, and will later expand to cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, and many other markets.

“We understand that some women can be sexually shy but quite curious,” says founder of Pinpoints X™ Ronen Gabbay. “We established this promotion in the hopes that sexy women everywhere will explore the site and their inhibitions and enjoy everything has to offer. Unfortunately, usual, men may choose from all women; however, women are mostly limited to choose from the men which approach them first. We take this notion, and twist it, for women’s pleasure and empowerment.”

The “Passion Map” allows the user to filter, prioritize, schedule and directly interact with those sensual resources, leading towards the ultimate fantasy and potential hook-up. Pinpoints X™ provides opportunity, compatibility and facilitation allowing for private and safe interaction within the sensual and erotic environments.

Their technology is supported by multiple mobile OS systems and various dynamic positioning platforms (GPS, Wi-Fi, CellID, and intuitive positioning). Furthermore, it provides a real-time intimate and secure communication between: mobile to mobile, mobile to web, web to mobile web to web functionalities with SSL encryption protection.

In essence, Pinpoints X™ empowers its women members in the sensual environment. Women can create their own profile and preferences, rank other members, define location manually or automatically, locate opportunities on maps in real-time, voice calls, text messaging, emails, and all the other traditional Web 2.0 such as: forums, blogs, videos, and picture galleries. “We’re providing a way to facilitate a woman’s fantasy,” says Gabbay.

“Some of our favorite features empower women, such as filtering controls and fantasy fulfillment, all in a secure environment,” says Ronen. “Whether you are a private, professional, or business member ” you will always be satisfied. We provide a well rounded and complete sensual solution that you cannot get anywhere else.”

To take advantage of the free trial, please visit:

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