Valentina Nappi in Valentina Tests You from

Valentina Nappi in Valentina Tests You from

42 Mins
Cum Louder
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cock, Big Tits, Natural Tits, Stockings
STARS: Valentina Nappi & Jesus Reyes


Valentina Nappi is a driving instructor for the Cum Louder Driving School. Jesus Reyes wants to get his license. They drive around for a few minutes before she takes him back to the school for a written test. We spend several more minutes watching Valentina watch Jesus take his test. I know they are trying to build things up, but there is very little going on here and not much in the way of tease. He fails but really needs his license right away to work. The beautiful instructor takes this opportunity to abuse her power. She kisses him and he picks up her vibe right away. Sitting on the desk she spreads her legs and lets him eat her out. He works his tongue between her lips and gets her very wet. She is ready to see what he’s got and has his dick in her mouth seconds after he whips it out. Pushing back his foreskin, Valentina starts sucking and pumping that long dark cock. She is a stunningly beautiful woman and gives him great eye contact while moaning around his big dick. When she gets his dick to her throat, Valentina pushes it against the back and gets it very messy. The great looking head continues as she removes articles of clothing until just her stockings and heels remain. To make things even more fun, she rubs her pussy while sucking on his big dick.

Moving her up onto the desk, Jesus lifts one of her legs onto his shoulder and fills her pussy. She moans loudly and bucks her hips to meet his thrusts. He goes faster, getting her natural breasts jiggling beautifully. He flips her over and holds her ass in his hands while guiding that big cock into her from behind. She lets him get going pretty good before turning around to pop his dick back into her mouth. Valentina’sbody looks really good from any angle, but I really love the way she shows off her legs while being bent over the desk here. Ass lovers also get some hot shots when she climbs into his lap and bounces her cheeks up and down. There really are no bad angles when you have a woman this gorgeous. I am quiet partial to the reverse cowgirl because of the leg and face shots as well as the way her breasts bounce as she slams down onto his dick. She slides off and hold her mouth open while jerking his load onto her tongue. Great finish to a very hot scene.

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