AEE Snippet: Jamye Waxman


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AEE Snippets: Jamye Waxman

Catching Up With a Dear Friend

In the past I have done long accounts of my time at AEE. This year I am going to try something different. I’m going to do little write ups instead. Maybe I’ll put them all together when I’m done, but this will allow me to bang out a few short thoughts and not get bogged down with the big picture.

Jayme Waxman

One of the highlights of AEE for me is always the Digital Playground media dinner held the night before the show. I attend whenever possible because it is always such a great time. Sam, Joone, Adella and company are always so gracious and it is wonderful to catch up with friend and collegues before the madness of the show kicks in. This year, the event was held at Stack in the Mirage and it was awesome as usual. The food was fantastic, with great presentation and some very unique dishes. I sat with Tod Hunter and Gram Ponante, got to meet Chris from XCritic and got to meet Ryan Keely (Who I knew back when she was Maria Menendez during her KSEX days) but it was the presence of an old friend that really made the dinner eventful.

More than a decade ago I did my first regular gig on internet radio for Love Bytes with Bob Berkowitz. Bob’s producer, Jamye Waxman had tracked me down and for some reason though that I would be on the show. I did a weekly call in for over a year until the network closed down. Jamye booked me on Bob’s TV show, Naked New York and showed me all of the best places to eat in NYC. We had our own show together for about two weeks on a now defunct internet station and have had sporadic contact ever since. She gave me a lot of support and some good advice along the way. I like to think that I am better now on the radio than I was back then and if so, I owe much of that to Jayme. Had she not given me the chance and encouragement I might never have found my way onto Eyada, Daily Noise, KSEX or I’ve probably never thanked her for that and though she deserves a better one than this, I’ll say it now. Thank you.

So imagine my surprise when Gram’s “Plus 1” turns out to be my dear friend Jayme. Last time we talked she was doing a series of fun instructional DVDs for Adam & Eve under the “Personal Touch” label ( and living in the Bay Area.

It always amazes me how quickly year slip away from people and how rapidly they are stripped away when you are with a good friend. It was as if we had never lost touch. Jayme is as beautiful and funny as ever and now living in Los Angeles. We talked about all that she has been up to, our various projects (I’ve just recently completed a chapter for the Porn & Philosophy text while Jayme has written a whole book, “Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation.”) caught up on old friends (I once warned her about a certain director and of course she didn’t listen to me. His charm was just too great.) and I undoubtedly bored her to tears with pictures and stories of my sons.

Now that she’s in LA, I hope that Jayme finds some good opportunities in radio. She’s fun as a host on camera and a very talented writer, but I think she is at her best doing radio. She has a passion for it and a voice that needs to be heard.

Most of all I hope she gets what she wants out of life. There are a number of people I have met in this business who I like, respect or admire, but a select few for which all three apply. Jamye Waxman is one of those few. We had a quick good bye at the Grand Lux as I left a lunch with another friend on my way out of town. I picked up a copy of her DVD, “101 Sexual Positions for Lovers” and we promised to keep in touch. I hope that we do, because in the short time we were together at the DP media dinner I realize just how much I missed my friend.

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