It’s Been A While- A Political Rant of Sorts. A Non-Rant Rant


I’ve been listening a little bit to the talking heads arguing back and forth over Iraq and it’s really helped me to turn the damn TV off. This whole thing has me totally bored. It’s not that I don’t have an opinion on an invasion of Iraq. I do, and I say don’t do it. Not now anyway, but that’s not the point. The point is that watching these hypocrites drool all over themselves makes me sad. It’s really embarrassing to hear people try to disguise pure political sour grapes bullshit as educated policy criticism. Pardon me, but where were you in 1998? Those cruise missiles just launched themselves I suppose? Nope, Billy did that and he did it without all the hand wringing that some columnists are showing now. Every time one of these people shows their ass, I just want to laugh. If you were consistent maybe you wouldn’t come off as such a bitter loser. The only reason some of these folks are pissing their depends is because of the name on the Oval Office Door. A President Gore proposal to invade Iraq would suit some people just fine. I know I’m still the new kid on the block in this whole porn-press club, but I’m smart enough to see that for what it is, a big steaming pile of horseshit. So grow the fuck up and get over it. (Oh yeah, and GIVE BACK THE 300 DOLLARS- Hypocrites!)

As for why I oppose action in Iraq, it’s simple. What do we gain? We in this case is mostly the United States since most of our ‘allies’ have their thumbs up their asses anyway. So Saddam has chemical/biological weapons and is working on nuke, big deal. (Ha, yeah that’s tongue in cheek for those of you who don’t understand.) Those weapons need a delivery system. The US is in no danger from Iraq because they have no way to deliver the bio weapons. I really doubt if Saddam does finally get his nuke that he’s going to crate it up, ship it to the US and blow it up under the Orange Bowl. That’s too big a weapon to risk losing. No, if Iraq is going to use these weapons, it will be against someone closer. Frankly, the way the French and the Germans have been wetting themselves over any US action, I think it only fair that Saddam let off a few chem.-bombs in Paris and Berlin. I wonder who they will whine to when their citizens are dying like those puppies we saw on the news long ago.

I know, what if he uses it to take over the Saudi oil fields, won’t that be terrible? Well yeah, if he uses them at all it’s terrible, but what then? That sort of action will set the entire world on his ass and this time they won’t stop until he’s dead. It’s an end game move and maybe, just maybe it will turn some of the Saudi apathy into a more supportive attitude towards the West. In fact, my only concern and it sort of gums up my philosophy of ‘who cares’ is Israel. They are Saddam’s most likely target and we must defend them. If he goes bio or nuke on them, they might return in kind and then the whole thing goes to hell.

What I think some people are missing is that this is all a big chess game. Three Presidents have dealt with Saddam in basically the same way. He starts getting a little squirrelly so we rattle the sabers. Bush Sr. did, Clinton did it and now Bush Jr. is doing it. Every time we do this, Saddam does one of two things. He either backs down or he does something so stupid (Invade Kuwait, threaten Saudi Arabia) so that the world gets behind action.

So put away your partisan pens, your silly attacks only make you sound small because everyone can see them for what they are.

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