Who’s Bangin the Babysitter?

Who’s Bangin the Babysitter?


124 Mins
Wicked Pictures
DIRECTOR: Mike Quasar
THEMES: Babysitters, Lesbian Sex,
STARS: Elsa Jean, Alexa Grace, Moka Mora, Gina Valentina, Anya Olsen, Kristen Scott,


Hey this one is pretty simple. Babysitters fucking. Yep, basic porn fantasy drawn from actual experiences and/or fantasies. Most everyone has had a babysitter, been a babysitter, dated a babysitter or hired a babysitter. Those real life experiences are probably mostly mundane. Enter Mike Quasar and handful of young hotties to turn those ordinary experiences into porno gold. (Well gold has implied value and as we all know, porn is free so maybe more like porn aluminum foil, shiny at times and very functional) Elsa Jean is one of my favorite petite fantasy girls. She plays a babysitter who can’t wait to get the kids to bed so her boyfriend can come over and fuck her. Just a couple of horny young folks doing what they do. Lots of fun to watch as Elsa always is. Anya Olsen and Kristen Scott find time to play on a long babysitting gig. Pretty shots here for those who like the idea of their babysitters play with other young women. Gina Valentina has to do some quick thinking when her guy shows up and is making too much noise. Sex seems like the logical thing. Yeah. This girl is hot and all, but this is her best problem solving, I’m not sure I want to her looking after my little ones. Moka Mora has a crush on a guy who isn’t quite sure if she feels the same way. What better way to show him than to fuck him? Again, not great problem solving skills, but it makes for hotter smut than a rational discussion of the depths of their shared emotions. And yeah, Moka is hot, super fucking hot. Alexa Grace closes out the fun. She has been sitting for a single dad and when the chance presents itself. This is another solid scene with some good fantasy appeal. Very solid work from all involved and another shiny plate of meat and potatoes smut from the hardest working man in Porn Valley.

Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean is a very good babysitter. We know because she tells the people she is working for over the phone. Not ten seconds after that, she invites her boyfriend into the house for some fun and games. He has her naked on the couch (Tennis shoes on for those keeping score at home) and eats her from behind. Always generous with her mouth, Elsa drops to the ground and starts bobbing that pretty little head. Looking up at him with her cute eyes, she breaks out some serious oral skills. Elsa makes it messy and deep throats every few strokes just to remind us that she can. He pushes her back on the couch and slips his condom-covered cock into her tight little pussy. Elsa is adorable and also likes getting fucked pretty hard. Her body looks great and the shots always seem to include her tittle tennis shoes. I really like the way she works her hips while she is riding on his dick. He finally flips her over, pulls out and shoots a nice big load all over her flat little belly. I don’t know if she is a very good babysitter, but Elsa Jean is a great girlfriend and a hot porn tart.

Anya Olsen & Kristen Scott

Babysitting can be fun if you have a friend over for the weekend. Anya Olson and Kirsten Scott have plenty of time to play when the baby is sleeping. They giggle as they run into the bedroom and fall into a sexy embrace. The slim girls kiss each other and we get plenty of tiny tit play. If you like watching cute young girls together, then this is a perfectly hot scene. The girls eventually focus on eating pussy and with cute little feet in the air, they engage in some eye rolling clit licking that looks really sexy. How can you not love watching girls smiling this big while licking pussy? This is a nice little scene with thin, leggy teens getting it on.

Gina Valentina & Small Hands

Gina Valentina is babysitting when her boyfriend shows up screaming and banging on the door. She quiets him down and tries to send him away. When he threatens to go visit another skank, Gina invites him in so long as he promises to be quiet. They hit the couch and he spanks her sexy ass. (Love the little shorts she is wearing) He strips her down and sucks on her pussy. In no time at all, she is the one that needs to worry about keeping quiet. Her body is really sexy and Small Hands rolls her all over the place getting his tongue into her from all kinds of fun angles. They get into 69 so she can suck his cock. Gina is very pretty and looks quite nice with a hard cock in her mouth. Pushing her legs up, he starts fucking her pussy. I love the shots of her ass as she bounces up and down. Gina likes playing with her butthole while she gets fucked and is quite boisterous for someone who was concerned about noise levels. Nice energy from this sexy little brunette as she gets slammed until he finally paints her face with a really big load. Great facial finish to this fun little scene.

Moka Mora

Adorable Moka Mora is dressed like she needs a babysitter, but apparently she is the one doing the sitting. Her guy shows up and she sneaks him. He wants to know if she likes him the way he likes her. She shows him by kissing him and letting him feel her perky tits. We get some cute shots of her ass as she bends over his lap to suck his cock. She handles him rather easily and puts on a nice show in the process. She rolls over and spreads her legs to give him a taste of her pussy. Moka climbs on top and wiggles her hips in a way that will get her ass a lot of attention. When she is on her back, those natural boobs are just too damn fine for words. Her ass really kind of steals she show during doggy and as she rides his cock. Even with all that nice booty action I love the way her boobs shake as he slams her in spoon. It only gets hotter when she climbs up for reverse cowgirl and goes full speed bouncing on that dick. He finished off with a blast on her cute face. Nice looking action from a very cute girl.

Alexa Grace & Bill Bailey

Bill comes home and finds the cute babysitter, Alexa Grace in the bathtub. He stops and stares more than a bit too long. She catches him and they are both embarrassed. Alexa understands since he is recently divorced and forgives him immediately. In fact, it turned her on and she gives him the green light to go ahead and do more than stare. Since she is already naked, things progress rather quickly. He puts her on the bed and starts licking her feet. The young babysitter flips over so he can lick her ass as well. She is all clean and now quiet ready thanks to his tongue. Alexa takes over, drooling on his rod and stroking it up and down. Showing some great two-fisted technique, Alexa sucks and strokes his dick until it is good and ready to fill her. After this great BJ she mounts up and starts riding hard on his cock. Bill returns the favor, banging the sexy babysitter from behind. Nice eye candy as she looks back and him and holds herself open. He pulls out and shoots all over her cute little behind.

BONUS: 3 Bonus Scenes (Elsa Jean, Moka Mora, Alexa Grace) Photo Gallery, Trailers


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