Movie Type: All Girl
102 Mins
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Kayden Kross
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Schoolgirls, Maids, Masseuses,
STARS: Alyce Anderson, Chloe Cherry, Ivy Wolf, Elena Koshka, Alina Lopez, Jenna Sativa, Sadie Blake, Shyla Jennings


Award winning starlet Kayden Kross is behind the camera for this four scene lesbian flick. The scenes are well shot and nicely set up with different themes and distinctly different vibes. There are some really good pairings here. Chloe Cherry and Alyce Anderson are classmates who turn an after school study session into a trip down lesbian lane. They are both super cute and look great together. Shyla Jennings and Sadie Blake are a loving couple going through a bit of a rough patch. Nothing is better than make up sex for these beautiful ladies. Jenna Sativa is a woman who has everything, including a sexy maid Alina Lopez. One day she catches her trying on some new cloths and the two hook up for perhaps the hottest scene of the movie. Ivy Wolf and Elena Koshka god the massage thing in the finale. This is a nicely done movie that only makes me wonder why Kayden didn’t put herself into some of the fun action.

Chloe Cherry & Alyce Anderson

Chloe Cherry goes over to study with Alyce Anderson. The camera lingers in the young students in their short skirts and lets us know that they are noticing one another as well. It is nicely edited to give us some build up without them having to say a word. The study session ends with a good bye hug that becomes an awkward kiss. The kiss and touch until Chloe eases Alyce down on the couch and lifts her top to let her tongue explore her friend’s nipples. They are gentle at first, getting slowly into some finger play. Chloe gets topless and her breasts are as perky as can be. Chloe is in control here and goes down on Alyce first, wiggling her tongue in her friend’s cute little shaved pussy. She finally moves on top of Alyce and sits on her face. Both women are young, thin, and cute and the scene reflects that. They get a little naughty with some ass licking, but mostly it is a hot scene with a lot of youth-oriented eye candy. Chloe takes a small toy out of her bag and helps Alyce slide it into her asshole. When she gets comfortable fucking the booty, she puts her mouth on Chloe’s pussy and that sets her right off. They finish up by rubbing pussies and seem to have enjoyed their lesbian exploration quite a bit.

Shyla Jennings & Sadie Blake

Keeping with the limited dialog feel, we see how things are rocky between Shyla Jennings and Sadie Blake. Fear not, their fight turns to kissing in the shower and some make up sex on their bed. Shyla gets the chance to kiss her way up her lover’s thighs and take her time enjoying every inch. They exchange loving laps on one another, making sure to concentrate a lot of attention. There are some nice close ups of their faces as they please one another. The camera lingers as they lie next to each other making out and rubbing pussies. This one has a very distinct feel. It’s romantic and pretty but a little low impact to be sure.

Jenna Sativa & Alina Lopez

Jenna Sativa lives a very pampered life. She has a great house, all the clothes she could want and plenty of free time to try them on. Alina Lopez is her hardworking maid who just wants to taste a bit of that life. When no one is looking she tries on some lingerie and sexy heels. Jenna sees her dressed that way and immediately complements the shy young housekeeper. She touches her gently and kisses her. The kissing intensifies and Jenna’s fingers make Alina very wet. They pick up the pace together and end up on the floor in front of the big mirror. Alina gets on all fours and gets licked from behind by her beautiful boss. I like the lighting on this one. They use the sun coming in through the windows to create a different look that stands out. If you enjoyed watching these women put on their clothes, then watching Jenna strip the stockings off of Alina will likely be just as hot.

Ivy Wolf and Elena Koshka

Ivy Wolf is getting a massage and seems a little shy getting totally nude for Elena Koshka. Luckily we get to watch her strip down and get up on the table. Elena starts out professionally, rubbing her client in a way that will get the job done. It still makes for some very sensual footage as her talented fingers rub Ivy’s soft flesh. Elena feels there might be more going on as her hands get more intimate. Rolling over, Ivy gets oiled up and it is clear she can’t resist for too much longer. Eventually the strokes move from her thighs to her smooth pussy lips and Ivy is helpless against her building desires. Lifting Ivy’s hips up off the table, Elena buries her face between her lovely client’s thighs and has her bucking and moaning in seconds. Returning the favor, Ivy gets her masseuse naked and starts fingering her tight little hole. The shots of the women grinding on one another are hot and Elena is really stunning from any angle.

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