Fan Faves Round 2: With Our First Eye Candy

Fan Faves Entering Round Three

Our First Eye Candy of the Year

By now most of you already know that the 2009 Fan Faves Awards are underway. Round two is winding down and by Wednesday morning we will have the Sweet 16 in each category. For those of you who haven’t voted, there is still time to pick your favorites by Visiting the 2009 Fan Faves Page.

You will find every bracket for each category on one page. I know it’s a lot, but it should make it easy to find. Just a note for those of you using IE, the formatting is all off and each bracket will appear empty. In fact the names are WAY over to the right. So if yous scroll over you will find what you’re looking for.

You will also find a handful of banners on the site. Any money coming in from those affiliates will go towards the trophy fund. I guess I could open it up for sponsors, but for now I’ll just the affiliate money.

We have our first bit of campaign eye candy. I have opened it up to anyone who wants to send in a picture, a fan sign, a short video or anything. Vote for me, for her, vote for him, whatever you want. They can come from the performers, fans wherever. Just a little something fun to watch or look at while we’re counting the votes.

The first campaign eye candy comes from Teagan and Joshua. He was kind enough to send us a picture just of Teagan. That should count for something. Thanks Teagan and good luck. (And remember, this offer is open to anyone. Want to promote yourself? Send in a pic or video. Want to promote your favorite? Do the same.)

Visiting the 2009 Fan Faves Page

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