Ft. Hood Shootings


Ft. Hood Massacre: Awful

Horrible, Horrible Story

Man, sometimes you just can’t turn on the TV without getting sick to your stomach. After watching an hour of coverage on the Ft. Hood shootings I turned the TV for family time with the kids, dinner and then a TiVo evening of Survivor and The Office. It didn’t make me feel too much about the horrible events that happened, but it took my mind off of them for a while. I turned the TV back on when the family went to bed so I would have some background noise on while I edited. Probably not a good idea.

While everyone races around to try and figure out just why Nidal Hasan killed a dozen soldiers and wounded at least a dozen more, very little time seems to be being spent on the victims themselves. I know that they haven’t even released the names, but I wonder what it must feel like to lose a child to a madman and have everyone in the world looking for some sort of motive, something to make sense of it all.

All I do is think about how much pain this guy caused. That he survived actually gives me some comfort. No easy way out for his cowardly fuck. He’s going to get to live every day to live with what he did. I know that it probably won’t affect him they way it would an actual functioning human being.

And before everyone breaks their neck trying to blame his religion, the Army, the war or some made up bull shit, let’s keep this in mind. Like other sick freaks Nidal Hasan did what he did because he’s an evil fuck who doesn’t give a shit. His religion didn’t kill those people. His gun didn’t kill those people. He did and he knew what he was doing. His actions do not reflect badly on Muslims. He reflects badly on murderous assholes.

As a side note, MSNBC was on and Keith Olbermann spent the first twenty minutes of his show whining, crying and lying about the health care bill he hasn’t read. I guess being a chippy poli-cheer hack is more important than actually reporting on something that might just clash with your world view. No wonder no one’s watching. Didn’t this complete failure promise to quit if they didn’t have him “Meet the Press”?


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