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Lots going on and I’ve been slammed with work and some new projects so I’m just going to throw all of this stuff into another stew post and see what sticks. (Wow, mixing metaphors already, ouch.) If you find something you like, send a comment. Find something you don’t like, send a comment.

Halloween Movies: As most of you already know, I love horror movies. I even love the really bad ones. I came across this article that lists the 25 worst horror movies of all time.. It’s a very interesting list and there are some true stinkers on this list. Before I even address individual titles I have to say that it is clear to me that the makers of this list have never seen “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things.” Wow, did that one suck. Picking Rob Zombie’s remake (puke) of Halloween isn’t a horrible choice. OK, it’s not close to the worst horror film or even the worst one on the list, but it is such a steaming pile of monkey crap that it had to place high on a list like this. See, that’s what happens when you desecrate a classic. (Ahem, Eon McKai.) House of Wax is a great choice. Other than getting to watch Paris Hilton die a horrible death (Admit it, that would be more appealing than her sex tape) there is nothing remotely entertaining about that movie. Van Sant’s Psycho was inexcusably bad. Talk about screwing up a classic. Ugh. I’m not sure if the original Leprechaun movie is actually worse than any of the dreadful sequels. Maybe they are blaming that one for the whole rotten franchise. (Then why single out Saw 5?) Oddly enough I don’t see the horribly re-done “Last House on the Left” on the list. That was a serious piece of shit. (Maybe I’m still bitter because I wasted six bucks on that instead of seeing “Watchmen.”) Anyway, it was an interesting list and a good read. What do you think? Worst horror movie of all time? I’m good with “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things” though “2000 Maniacs” is so laughable that is could top the list. (And Chaos is so fucking disturbing that it might be the worst for a different reason.) How about the best horror movie? (Exorcist, hands down, game over.)

Eye Candy: Like Interracial Cream Pies? Give a try. One dollar trials on this one.

NBA Tip Off: With baseball over (OK the World Series is on, but unless the Yankees are getting beat, I ain’t watching.) the NBA season is here to save the day. It was kind of nice to hear that TNT had their best ratings ever for their opening night broadcast. I’m sure it helped that they had a pretty solid double header. The Celtics heating to Cleveland to take on Shaq and Lebron followed by the Laker ring ceremony and a game with the Clippers. (Much better draw if Blake Griffin hadn’t lived up to the Clipper curse by breaking a knee cap.) The Celts went into C-Town and nearly got blown out in the first quarter before coming back strong for a huge road win. The Lakers handled the Clippers of course and everyone at TNT has to be thrilled. It should be a good season after so many big names changed places. It’s only two games in, but the C’s win in Cleveland and their follow up 30 point beat down of the Bobcats seem to indicate that the Celtics are back for another run. How long they can stay healthy is going to be the big question because at full strength there aren’t too many teams who can match their depth. (A second unit of Rasheed Wallace, Sheldon Williams, Marquis Daniels and Glen Davis? Are you kidding me?)

Eye Candy: Here’s a look at a new girl, Kimber Lace looking pretty hot.

Where Did Shay Go?: It’s been a bout a year since anyone has heard from former Digital Playground star Shay Jordan. If you recall she split from DP and was going by Jasmine Jinn. That seems to have lasted for one movie. (Violate Me) She seems to have vanished completely from the face of the earth. Her numbers have all been changed and no internet trail has been left. She just had a birthday and I tried passing on some good wishes, but Shay/Jasmine seems to have left us for good. She isn’t the first girl to just disappear, but wherever she is, I hope she is doing well and is happy. I considered Shay a friend and miss her. And on that note, here is A Shay Jordan Gallery I put together last year.

Eye Candy: If she wasn’t already so popular I would probably name Sarah Vandella as the next big thing. Speaking of big things, here is Sarah chowing down on a big bone.

Arnold’s 1 in a Million Message: By now many of you may have seen the recent veto memo that Governor Schwarzenegger sent to Assemblyman Tom (“Kiss my gay ass”) Ammiano. If you haven’t, it’s a fucking scream. Using the first letter of each line, the words “Fuck you” (Or I Fuck You if you prefer) appear down the left side of the page. Naturally this is being explained as a “coincidence” but I don’t think anyone buys that. Nor should they. If you read article on the mathematical chances that the message was a coincidence you would be hard pressed to buy the story. I think we all know that the Governor was sending a message. A crude one perhaps, but fighting fire with fire isn’t always a bad thing. I don’t know if I applaud the Governor for this, but at least it makes me smile. Quite frankly I think a “Fuck you” to the entire assembly is in order. Those assbags just raped us for a huge tax increase and still refuse any sort of meaningful spending cuts in light of our economic crisis. Come to think of it, fuck you isn’t strong enough. I wonder what the chances are of me getting “fuck you, you worthless fucking pieces of political dog shit” into the left side of this blog would be.

Eye Candy: Time for some Asian eye candy. Mia Lelani posing and porking.

That’s all for today. Enjoy the rest of your week and please feel free to send in any feedback on any story you like.

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