Lana Rhoades Unleashed

Lana Rhoades Unleashed

MOVIE TYPE: Star Showcase
196 Mins
Hard X
THEMES: Anal Sex, Double Anal,
STARS: Lana Rhoades, Manuel Ferrara, Mandingo, Marcus Dupree, Adriana Chechik, Mick Blue,


Lana Rhoades is one of the prettiest women currently working in porn. She also has a phenomenal, all natural body. Top that off with some crazy hot sexual energy and you have the makings of a top shelf XXX superstar. This star showcase gives us three hours of Lana at her very best. It features her first double anal scene. That is worth noting and it’s a good scene, but there is fantastic stuff (Even better in my opinion) long before we get the double stuffed finale. The movie opens with a blistering one on one between Lana and Manuel Ferrara. Great energy here as these two superstars work each other over. The anal in this scene is outstanding and Lana proves she is a top five performer already. Adriana Chechik joins the fun for the second scene. The girls exchange anal play before Marcus Dupree add a cock. Lots of eye candy here as both women know how to show off their assets. Lana and Mandingo hook up in a scene that you might think would be too much for her. Instead, she rises to the occasion and turns in one of the best anal scenes I have seen since the opening round of this movie. (That’s two award-worthy anal scenes in one movie before the big event.) It would to tough to pick between this one and the one with Manuel so let’s just say they are both must-see. The double anal finale is everything fans of this kind of hardcore action are looking for. Lana takes on two of the business’ best studs and fucks them to the point of exhaustion. It really is quite a feat. This is a great movie and a perfect star showcase even if you don’t already love Lana Rhoades. If you happen to be a fan than this movie will likely hit on every cylinder and be a must-own title for your collection. Frankly I think it solidifies her position as one of the industry’s hottest stars.

Lana Rhoades & Manuel Ferrara

Lana Rhoades is a stunning woman and the rooftop tease footage shows off her body wonderfully. The high boots and revealing outfit are perfect for her frame. Of course that is mostly all gone when she goes inside with Manuel. He is half dressed, but she is naked save for those sexy boots. He pushes her back onto the couch and she holds her legs over her head while eats her pussy. Happy and ready to suck, she drops to her knees and flashes those gorgeous eyes up to Manuel. She attacks his balls with her mouth and works the shaft with expert hand work. He lets her put the head into her mouth and then starts fucking her pretty face. Lana takes it well and is ready when he bends her over the couch. After a few strokes he flips her over on the back of the couch and works his way into her ass. Lana takes it hard and her dirty talk is outstanding here. When he bends her back over, we get some really outstanding ass shots. Lana has a great ass and it really takes a pounding here. She begs him to fuck her ass as hard as he can and responds by cumming loudly around his thrusting pole. He has her ass gaping when he pulls out and her eyes rolling back in her head. In addition to the high impact, intense anal action, there is eye candy galore. Lana bent over gives us a great shot of her breasts shaking wildly back and forth. He shoots a big load in her ass, but then backs her right back up so he can slam her again. This time he shoots in her mouth and leaves Lana smile and dripping cum from both ends.

Lana Rhoades, Adriana Chechik & Marcus Dupree

Once again rocking some boots and a hot outfit during her tease, Lana Rhoades, shows herself off and gets us ready for an epic scene. This time she has some help from Adriana Chechik during the pre-fuck warm up. They go muff to muff on a double headed dildo before going inside. Nic eye candy during the oral sex, especially if you like pretty, leggy brunettes. Marcus joins the fun and dives mouth first into some sweet pussy. He pushes Lana’s legs over her head and Starts ramming into her while Adriana keeps her mouth in close to add to the fun. They give him a very passionate double blowjob before jumping on top of his cock. Lana seems in awe as Adriana gets her ass reamed and screams like she is about to burst into flames. Trying to keep up, Lana drops her lovely ass down on that dick and is as vocal as I have ever heard her. The crazy energy, squirting pussies and well fucked ass make this scene quite interesting to watch. Lana has her feet back behind her head getting her ass pounded while Adriana adds some A2M and encouraging dirty talk. Fans who tuned in to see lots of Lana getting reamed in the ass are going to love this. She and Adriana get tossed around, anal slammed and squirt all over one another. He finally shoots his load and the girl swap it back and forth. This is some truly beautiful filth.

Lana Rhoades & Mandingo

They cut the tease a little short for the next scene. Lana Rhoades looks lovely naked by the open window, but she is on the couch with Mandingo in just moments. They kiss and she fishes his cock out of his pants. Lana looks shocked and amazing at the size, but that doesn’t slow her down for a second. She gets it wet and then kisses him again while stroking the slick shaft with both hands. Dropping to her knees Lana keeps working both fists over his dick while she tries to swallow that monster. Damn her eyes are so fucking gorgeous. He bends her over and slide his cock right into her tight backdoor. She takes it pretty well before rolling over and opening her pussy for some deeper strokes. Great shots and it must feel good because he pulls out and dribbles on her tongue. He has her spread open and Lana is rubbing her clit like crazy. Back into the ass he goes and she screams encouragement. The super-sized anal footage is pretty tremendous. Lana looks fantastic and she gets stretched out so well. He finally shoots his load all over her face and Lana lovingly milks out every last drop. This is pretty fucking incredible and should not be missed.

Lana Rhoades, Mick Blue & Marcus Dupree (Photo Gallery)

Warming up for the final scene, Lana Rhoades once again shows us just how perfect her body is from head to toe. I know this is going to be the big finale with Lana’s first double anal, but just look at those amazing legs, that tight ass and those lovely natural breasts. Lana is a treat. She kicks off the scene by dropping to her knees between Mick and Marcus. They don’t waste much time fucking her beautiful face. She responds by rubbing her pussy and trying to swallow every inch. They put her on all fours between them and start fucking her ass. Spinning around, she positions herself for some super hot looking DP. I will take this over double anal any day. It just looks really good and her energy is fantastic. They stand her up and hold her between them, stuffing both holes. (Boots still on for those keeping score at home.) Getting on the floor with her ass in the air, Lana lets the guys take turns on her ass. Getting into RCA, she throws her legs up high and lets the second cock double stuff that ass. Lana gets loud, screaming that she is cumming harder than ever before with two cocks in her ass at once. They flip her over and double up again. This scene does not skimp on the double anal. Lana’s hole gets stretched to the max for several minutes and she never slows for a second. They both shoot big loads right into her mouth, but Lana still needs more. A little more double anal and she is finally done. What a scene.
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