Mommy Swap

Mommy Swap

196 Mins
Reality Junkies
DIRECTOR: Bobby Manilla
THEMES: Older Women, Young Guys, Big Tits,
STARS: Danica Dillon, Kiki D’Aire, Krissy Lynn, Deanna Dare, Nathan Bronson, Jack Adams, Donnie Dakota, Brad Sterling


This simple movie plays off the fantasy that guys have about fucking their friend’s moms. Or it plays off the fantasies women have about fucking their son’s friends. Or maybe it’s their friend’s sons. Either way, that is what this movie has to offer. The two scenes feature older female friends who visit one another. During that time, they spit off with each other’s sons and bang. Simple and on point for the core fantasy. The results are pretty straight forward sex scenes. Danica Dillon and Kiki D’Aire swap first. Danica is an experienced brunette who goes right in for the kill. The scene is pretty good, mostly appealing to people who like the fantasy. Kiki doesn’t waste the opportunity to score with her friend’s son. This guy has a pretty big cock and that gives Kiki plenty to work with. She carries the action here. It’s not her best scene, but she makes it watchable by playing into the fantasy and providing the energy needed. The second matchup feature Krissy Lynn as the aggressive mom looking for young cock. She also carries the scene, making it look good and stealing the show. The finale features Deanna Dare. This one falls pretty flat. There is no chemistry and not a lot of energy going here. If you like the mommy swap fantasy, this is a decent flick with a couple of hot MILFs. Not great, but it will get the job done and Kiki and Krissy are always worth watching.

Danica Dillon & Nathan Bronson

Danica Dillon needs a couch moved so she invites her friend Kiki D’Aire and her son Nathan Bronson over to help. With the help of her own son, the couch gets moved quickly. Danica invites Nathan into her bedroom to complement on how nicely he has grown up. He is nervous at first, but she puts his hand up her skirt and presses her big breasts against his face. Nathan is more than willing and she happily sits on his face. He flips her over and continues to work on her pussy with his tongue and fingers. When she gets up, Danica finds his cock hard and quickly puts it into her mouth. Easily handing it with her mouth, she backs off so she can pump it with her fist for a bit. They work in 69 for a while before she mounts up and rides his dick. In between positions, she sucks him again and then eagerly stuffs his young meant into her hungry hole. She slams down pretty hard on him and he returns the favor, finally pulling out and shooting all over her belly. Nice scene if you like the older/younger theme.

Kiki D’Aire & Jake Adams

While Danica and Nathan are upstairs, Kiki has her friend’s son, Jake show her the couch the boys just moved. Kiki goes right for it, unbuttoning her blouse and encouraging him to sample her big, beautiful boobs. After a few cursory objections because she is his best friend’s mom, Jake takes down his pants. He has a big cock that is not yet hard, so Kiki goes to work. He is stiff as can be in no time thanks to her talented mouth. It is big enough now to fill her mouth and even off the experienced hottie a bit of a challenge. He returns the favor, working a finger into her shaved pussy and making Kiki squirm and shake. She mounds up and bounces that big round MILF booty on his dick for a while, stopping to suck him clean before moving on to some mish. Spreading her legs wide she takes every inch of the sizeable cock and loves it. Kiki faces the camera and rides him in reverse cowgirl. She is happily working that young cock and he is no longer worried about his best friend or his feelings. Bending her over, Jake fucks Kiki from behind hard enough to make her moan and get those cheeks jiggling. He finally pulls out and shoots all over her ass.

Krissy Lynn & Donnie Dakota

After a soccer game Deanna Dare and her son Donnie show up at Krissy Lynn’s house. The old friends catch up and Krissy Lynn asks her friend to help her son with math. The music is actually way too loud making the awkward dialog a little hard to hear. But we know where this is going. As Deanna goes off to tutor Brad, Krissy hangs out with Donnie. She moves in close while he plays video games and makes her intentions clear. He is nervous about his mom hearing them for about two seconds, but once her tongue hits his cock, all worries are forgotten. I always love watching this lovely woman. She stays full dressed while easily handling his hard cock with her experienced mouth. Shedding her blouse she shows off her boobs popping out of her bra as she goes in for round two of this slow, loving BJ. Spreading her legs, she guides his mouth between her thighs so he can eat her out. She is plenty wet when he slides into her and fucks hard enough to rock her tits out of her bra. Krissy spreads out and rubs her clit furiously. When she gets on top, she shows off her fantastic ass with some great hip action. We get some great 69 footage and really solid doggy pounding. She looks great and gets a nice load shot onto her ass.

Deanna Dare & Brad Stevens

Blonde MILF Deanna Dare goes into the room to help Brad with math, but we all know where this is going to end up. She climbs right on top of him and shows off a pretty nice set of knockers. Deanna takes his cock in her hand and starts sucking it. Spreading her legs she encourages him to go down on her. Compared to some of the other scenes, this one is a little low energy already. He tries slapping her ass during the doggy, but it’s just a little flat. (The action, not her ass.) She tries talking about how she has seen him watching her while playing, but even this attempt to focus on the main theme isn’t enough to save this one. He kisses her breasts when they turn around. There really isn’t much chemistry here even though he has slapped her ass enough to leave huge red handprints on her cheeks. They try some standing action and then cowgirl without much improvement. They finally finish with a big load all over her boobs. The popshot is pretty huge, but still not enough to recommend sticking around for the finale.

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