First Anal 5

First Anal 5
Movie Type: All Sex
139 Mins
DIRECTOR: Greg Lansky
THEMES: Young Girls, Anal Sex, Natural Tits, Babysitters, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby
STARS: Haley Reed, Pepper Hart, Chloe Scott, Ivy Aura

This is a hot movie that delivers exactly what it promises. Tushy has put together four hot young girls about to give up their booties for the first time on camera. The scenarios also fit this theme. Young Haley Reed is tired of guys her age and turns to her mom’s plaything for some relief. She is super cute and gives up that tight backdoor beautifully. Pepper Hart is a sexy babystitter who offers more than just quality childcare. Chloe Scott is a bad girl who has to keep her ways from her parents. When dad’s friend catches her, she offers her pretty ass to him as payment for keeping quiet. This is probably my favorite scene of the movie. Ivy Aura has her bills paid by her parents but she needs some spending cash. Giving up her ass seems to work just fine. This is a beautifully shot movie with hot young girls and good anal action.

Haley Reed & Jean Valjean

Pretty young Haley Reed is a journalism student who is pretty stressed out because she can’t find any hot guys at school. Her mom has a live in boy toy (Jean Val Jean) so the answer is pretty clear. When mom is off at palates, she hits on the young Frenchman and finds him more than willing to cheat on his woman with her super cute daughter. They go to her room where she strokes his cock, commending on how big he is in between passionate kisses. Getting comfortable on her stomach, she sucks his cock, holding it in both hands and looking at him as she works her lips up and down his shaft. Haley is really cute and has Jean’s cock wet and throbbing for her horny young holes. They move to the edge of the bed where he can fuck her mouth a bit. She seems to enjoy this just fine and gets a little messy as his meat fills her young mouth.

Haley climbs on top and moans loudly as Jean’s cock slides into her wet pussy. He reaches around to play with her butthole while slamming up to fill her pussy. Flipping her on top, Jean goes right for the ass. Haley has her legs up in the air flailing about as she gets her backdoor stretched. She puts her feet on his knees and goes to down riding as hard as she can. Now that she is used to the deep strokes, Haley gets on all fours and puts that tight ass up in the air for some serious reaming. Flipping back over, she points her toes beautifully and lets him go until he shoots his load into her tight hole. Great scene from a super cute girl who knows how to take it in the backdoor.

Pepper Hart & Jean Valjean

Cute Pepper Hart loves babysitting for Jean Val Jean’s family. They are very cool, very generous and she has a massive crush on the man of the house. One evening while his wife is away, Jean finds his adorable babysitter spread on his bed. He isn’t sure at first, but she stands to kiss him and starts giving him a vigorous handjob that melts away the resistance. They move to the bed where she stays dressed and starts sucking his cock. Pepper uses both hands and looks at him through her oversized glasses like she is in love. She takes them off when he starts to gently fuck her face until she gags a bit. Pepper is a naughty young thing who loves it when he talks dirty to her.

She gets on top of him and her little ass fits nicely in Jean’s hands. Pepper starts cumming almost right away and isn’t at all shy about grinding harder and harder on his hard dick. After lovingly sucking her juices from his meat, she mounts again. This time Pepper faces the camera, points her toes and lets him right into her tight asshole. Her body looks amazing as she puts her feet on his knees and pushes off. The eye candy keeps rolling along as she gets taken from behind. Pepper is really cute and this is beautifully shot anal action. Just in time, she slips off the bed and opens her mouth as he shoots a huge load all over her pretty face. Pepper is really cute and does a nice job here.

Chloe Scott & Jean Valjean

Hot blonde Chloe Scott has always been a trouble maker. When she heads off to college her parents make her a deal. So long as she keeps things discreet so as not to soil the family name, they will keep the money flowing to fund her easy lifestyle. Of course her favorite thing to do is ditch class and fuck frat boys. Chloe is right in the middle of that kind of fun when her father’s friend (Jean Val Jean) shows up. The frat boy runs, the teen blonde flirts and you all know what comes next.

They make their way to the bedroom for some naked kissing and cock stroking. Chloe is a very pretty girl and makes her way down his body to his waiting meat. She bobs her pretty head, asking for his approval as she works her lips up and down. This is great looking footage and she plays her part well, stroking and sucking his cock and telling him how much she wants it inside of her pussy. Rolling her over, he gently fucks her face. Great eye contact here as the strands of spit extend from her chin to his cock.

She gets on top of him and works her hips, shaking her sexy ass as he disappears inside of her. Chloe wants every inch and that is exactly what she gets. With Jean holding her cheeks open, she gets her tight pussy slammed until it creams. Chloe sucks her juices off of his pole and asks him to fuck her ass. Flipping into RCA, she shows off her long legs and tight ass as his cock sinks into her backdoor. This is totally gorgeous footage that you won’t want to miss. Wow, this girl has great legs. He flips her over and fucks her from behind, leaving her butthole gaping when he pulls out. She flips over again, holding her cheeks open while he fucks her in mish, finally cumming half in her ass and half on it. This naughty girl is one hell of a good time.

Ivy Aura & Christian Clay

Ivy Aura is a sexy college coed. Her parents have promised to pay her tuition, but nothing more. She has to come up with a way to make some money to live on. Finding a job at a sex shop gives her money and lets her explore her naughty side. At least until her father’s friend Christian comes into the shop. They agree to keep her job a secret and she ends up at his place with a buttplug in her ass and no panties on.

Turning her over his knee, Christian spanks her sexy little ass and Ivy begs for more. He plays with the plug, driving her a little crazier with every movement. Turning around she takes his thick cock into her mouth. While she moans about how big it is, he keeps spanking her sexy backside. His meat stuffs her mouth and stretches her lips as she works hard to take it all. She sprawls out on the bed and uses her hands harder as he continues to test her oral abilities.

When he is good and ready, she climbs up on top of him. Her buttplug is still in place as her pussy slips around his hard shaft. She rides it well until he pulls the plug out. Ivy sucks it clean while her ass is high in the air. His fat cock really made her pussy gape and the angle shows that off perfectly. He spits on her ass and gets it all ready so she can slide down on his cock. After just a few strokes she stuffs him into her mouth again before turning around to take it in RCA. This position also lasts a short time before the turns around sticks her ass high in the air. Her body is really shown off nicely as he pushes her flat onto the ground and stretches that tight asshole. They finish up with Ivy on her back and her legs looking lovely. Christian pulls out and shoots in her mouth. This naughty girl loves it in the booty and it shows.

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