Most Clueless Woman of the Day? Linda or Mo?

Clueless Woman of the Day? You Decide

Linda or Maureen? Who is More Clueless?

OK I can already feel the cringe at the title. No, this isn’t some new feature on the site or any attempt at bashing women. I just happened to find two stories that made me think “what the fuck?” and they both happen to involve women. So I will link them up and have some fun with them and then let you decide who is more clueless. (And to be fair we can do Clueless Man of the Day next week. I’m sure there will be plenty of candidates.)

Linda McMahon: WWE CEO Linda McMahon has stepped down from her position with the wrestling company to throw her hat into the US Senate race. Why is she clueless for this? I don’t know. Maybe she isn’t, but I would think that she has about as much of a chance of winning as I do. I mean she has the money and certainly has the experience getting people riled up, but come on. Business aside, Linda brings more baggage to race than the entire Kardashian family brings on vacation. How many times has the WWF (Now WWE) been investigated? For steroids? For other drugs? For allegedly allowing talent to play with underage boys? None of this would seem to make her an ideal candidate. She says that Washington is “out of control” and I think we can all agree with her on that. She is also trying to stop Chris Dodd from winning a sixth term in the Senate. (30 years? Really?) This might be a good move to get the WWE a lot of publicity and no one can argue that she isn’t a strong, successful businesswoman, I just have to wonder how badly she is going to be savaged for everything from steroid use to violence on TV. The more I think about it, the more I think that she may be clueless if she thinks she has a chance, but I’m going to wish her luck anyway. Read More Here

Eye Candy: Here is a woman has a clue. Jenna Doll shaking those big beautiful tits. All natural baby.

Maureen Dowd: OK we have one goofy Republican woman and one bat-shit crazy lefty. (I don’t know if Dowd is a Democrat or not.) Now you guys already know that I think Joe Wilson’s outburst during the President’s speech was uncalled for. It was rude, inappropriate, unprofessional and I am angry about it. Since then both sides have bitched back and forth with some incredible shit being tossed about. One of my favorite political spin stories is that Mr. Wilson, and in effect anyone who disagrees with the President is doing as a result of racism. Huh? The bloggers and the cable news chuckleheads picked up on it first, but then even former President Carter went in that direction. Picking up on that theme is Maureen Dowd of the New York Times. Ms.Dowd is a journalist sacred cow and all that and she never hides her political slant, but this is just too much to pass up.

Says Ms. Dowd

Surrounded by middle-aged white guys — a sepia snapshot of the days when such pols ran Washington like their own men’s club — Joe Wilson yelled “You lie!” at a president who didn’t.

But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!

Wow, where to begin? Her overwrought set up? Nah, that is typical Dowd, painting the world through the eyes she wishes we all would use to see it. “at a president who didn’t” (lie) Ummm, technically he did Mo. While the President’s proposal may not specifically “cover” illegal immigrants, all efforts to safeguard against such coverage have been stripped way by the Administration and like minded folks in Congress leaving illegal immigrants covered. If that was not the President’s intent, then he should say so now and go about putting protections in that would make his statement true and Joe Wilson as incorrect as he is rude. For you to keep pretending that Wilson was inaccurate just undermines the argument. Without any protections in place and with specific regulations AGAINST determining citizenship status (such as are in place with public schools and at polling places) then any health care plan DOES cover illegal immigrants. Why lie about it?

But the rest….pure insanity. Ms. Dowd “heard” the “unspoken” word? I’m sorry Maureen, but if you are hearing voices then please, please SEEK HELP! I know that Ms. Dowd isn’t really a journalist at this point and she is allowed to add her impressions to her commentary, but she’s pulling stuff out of her ass and it’s some serious shit. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Look, I don’t know Joe Wilson from Joe Camel and for all know he’s a raving racist. Then again he might be the most racially tolerant mother fucker in the House. At this point we don’t know a damn thing about his past in regards to race relations and neither does Maureen Dowd. She heard an imaginary voice in her little head and decided that any opposition to the President HAD to be racism.

Why would any reasonable person make this leap? How does “you lie” (In response to something that at the very least is an untruth) become “you lie boy”? I wonder if Ms. Dowd even understands how much she revealed about her own thinking by attempting to paint all opposition to the President to racism. I am sure it is impossible for Maureen to understand that some people don’t actually think first about race when looking at a leader. She is stuck in some paranoid world and sees racists everywhere and apparently doesn’t think that President Obama should be treated like all other politicians. She must not think he can handle political opposition and criticism. You will forgive me if I have a little more faith in the President than that. He’s a grown man. He’s a smart man and he’s a tough politician. I don’t think he really needs Maureen Dowd or Jimmy Carter and their paranoid race baiting to shield him from opposition. (And if he does need that then we all have a whole lot more to worry about than a rude congressman calling him out for an untruth.) Maybe some day Maureen Dowd will wake up and realize that reasonable people can disagree on serious issues without anything as ugly as racism or the accusation of same at play. Yeah right.

And on that fantasy note, I am going to apply Maureen’s logic to a situation from my own life.

A few years back I had the chance to meet a beautiful A- list mainstream actress. It wasn’t anything major, just a handshake and a few lines of chit chat before she had to go. When she left she said “It was nice to meet you.”

But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken phrase in the air: “It was nice to meet you, now please fuck me until I can’t walk any more.”

Hey, that’s not as far off as old Mo’s fanciful flight into fiction.

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