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Blog: Week of Meltdowns

Joe, Serena & Kanye: Three-Way Tie for Tantrum of the Week

Wow, this was one hell of a week for inappropriate interruptions, meltdowns and tantrums. Normally you would think that such outbursts might come from the start of the NFL season or from the final week of Big Brother, but that isn’t the case. The ridiculous antics from politics, tennis and VMA’s for goodness sake. Three big ones, so let’s get to them.

Eye Candy: Some sweet eye candy from Sweet Yurizan: Looking great in a brown dress…and out of it.

Kanye Being Kanye: I didn’t want the MTV Video Music Awards because…well because I honestly don’t give a shit. Do they even make music videos any more? Apparently they do because Taylor Swift (A name I know though I couldn’t name of her songs if you held a gun to my head.) beat Beyonce (A name I know though you couldn’t get me listen to one of her songs if you held a gun to my head.) For something or other. Right in the middle of Taylor’s speech Kanye West grabbed the mike and told the world that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. I don’t know if that’s true or not. It might very well be, but come on. Can’t this fucking ass clown shut up for one night? This is the same guy who through a hissy fit two years ago when he didn’t win and now he’s up there (Drunk by the way) stealing someone else’s moment. I’m not going to cry too many tears for Taylor. I’m sure she is doing just fine, but Kanye is just such a fucking dick head. Honestly who is Kanye West and why should I give a flying fuck?How long before he just stops getting invited to these fucking things? Would that be so terrible? Then again without that moment who would have even known the stupid fucking VMA’s even took place. I’m with Greneday on this one…does MTV even play music videos any more?

Eye Candy: OK moving on. From one big ass hole to one seriously big ass. Big ass babe Tiffany Black Shows her Stuff

Serena Melts Down: At the US Open this weekend Serena Williams completely lost at the end of her match with Kim Clijsters. She was repeatedly called for a foot fault and then went off on the line judge. I’ve seen the video a few times and I’m not seeing the foot faults. It’s quite possible that Serena had a good beef, but she really went into full diva mode. There are a lot of reports about what was said, but I have yet to find a video with cleaned up audio so it’s hard to say for sure what she said. I have heard people say she said “I would kill you” and other mention “I will shove this fucking ball down your throat.” Either of these would worthy of some sort of suspension IF that is in fact what Serena said. Let’s just say for a minute that she didn’t say anything THAT bad. Her tantrum was still embarrassing. She physically threatened the ump with some racquet shaking and general inappropriate behavior. It was just a really sad thing to see her just lose it completely. Right or wrong on the call, Serena was dead wrong in her reaction and needs to grow up.

Eye Candy: Speaking of growing up. I’ll bet these sister’ father didn’t expect them to grow up and share the same cock on

You Lie: Oh man, this one has been done to death. It occurred to me that perhaps the very definition of being a Logical Moderate (TM-Rog) in America these days is being able to say that Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst was rude, inappropriate, stupid and unacceptable while still being able to recognize that it was ultimately true. Before anyone jumps all over me for that let’s back up. I don’t care who the President is, he or she deserves a certain amount of respect. I said that during the last administration and it holds true now. For the Congressman to shout out the way he did was just a bad idea. It was bad form and against Republican rules. Yes, I know that members of Congress said worse about Bush. I get that. To my knowledge they didn’t shout at him during a speech though. That’s the problem. He should have simply remained silent and spoken to the press afterward. Now to the second part of my statement. Let’s face it folks, he WAS lying. A lot of effort has been spent trying to convince us that Wilson was not only rude but also wrong when he said the President was lying about these health care changes covering illegal immigrant. As usual the amount of truth in a statement depends on how much you can spin it. On the one hand, Obama’s statement was true. The proposed changes (for the most part) do not specifically state that they will cover illegal immigrants. On the other hand any provisions included or attempted provisions added to the existing health care proposals that would prevent illegal immigrants from being covered by these new policies. The President is perfectly aware of this fact and he is also aware that without such provisions that ALL of these free programs will in fact extend to illegal immigrants. There is no way to stop it. In fact, final versions of the health care plans make it illegal to check status. So the President really can’t stand in front of us and that his plan only applies to those who are legal and paying into the system. It’s simply not true. If he wants to have the debate about whether or not the new plan should cover illegal immigrants then we should have THAT debate. So in the end Joe Wilson was right even while being so very, very wrong. I don’t care how upset you are at something the President says. If you are a member of Congress sitting there doing the speech you keep your trap shut and show some respect.

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