Guest Blogger: Suzie a Blast From Rog’s Past

Guest Blogger: Suzie

A Blast From Rog’s Past

OK everyone, let me give you a little background on today’s guest blogger. Suzy is a woman I’ve known for over 25 years now. My first job was at Orange Julius in the local mall. On my first day I noticed this beautiful young girl working at the shoe store across the way. We did the long distance smile thing and she would pop in for lunch once in a while and we became friends. She had an on-again off-again boyfriend and usually we talked about that stuff. We did have a couple of dates, but nothing serious and remained friends after I left the mall. We haven’t spoken since I saw her on campus at our community college. A couple of months ago I got the first email below. It just goes to show you that it truly is a small world.

NOTE: I have edited the emails to make them shorter and to take out some of the personal stuff. Just want you to get the background.

Suzy Writes:

Hey Rog. I enjoy watching porn with my boyfriend and we were surfing the web looking for some great movies to watch. We found your website and started reading. We liked what we read and picked out a few movies based on your advice. Great stuff, but I noticed that the site was missing a female voice. You know something for us women who enjoy porn. So I thought I might email you and suggest that we write some reviews for you. Kind of give you a couple’s insight. I looked for an email contact and ended up looking at some photos in your gallery. Imagine my surprise to see YOU! I know you! But the question is, do you remember me? I’ll give you a hint. You look better in jeans than in brown polyester.

Rog Writes:

Brown polyester? That narrows it down. Either I worked with you at OJ or you worked somewhere else in the mall. I think I might know who you are, but the idea that you grew up to be a porn loving woman might be too much for my mind to handle. Suzy, is that you?

Suzy Writes:

Guess my hint was too easy. Yes, it’s me. How have you been? Making it big in the porn world I see. You’ve come a long way from the old mall days! I used to know some girls from the biz, Nikki Wylde and Jeanne Fine as well as some others back in the day. What else have you been up to? And what do you think of our idea to review some movies as a couple and to get a woman’s perspective.

PS: Been thinking about maybe doing some adult work myself. I have always wanted to and figure now would be a great time! What do you think? Is there room in porn for a mature woman who just loves sex and most of all blowjobs?

Rog Writes:

I love the idea. You guys are more than welcome to do reviews any time. Oh and YES I think you could do porn. I’d have to see pictures of course, but let’s talk about it. Maybe I can help.

And with that my friends, I turn it over to Suzy to introduce herself to you.

Suzy Writes:

Hello there readers of! My name is Suzy and I’m just your average woman who loves sex. I mean LOVES IT! I love everything about it and I am positive that I think about it more than most men!!. I’ve known Rog since high school when we worked together at a mall. I was surfing the web looking for porn to watch with my boyfriend and we found this site. After a little digging I recognized the guy in the photos as my friend from years ago. Imagine that, Roger grew up to be a porn expert. Who knew?

A little bit about me. I’m 40-something, single and loving sex more than I ever thought possible. My boyfriend works a lot which leaves me much time to myself and…well…a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. There is something quite erotic about being watched and I have always loved the idea of being photographed and filmed sexually, which is something that led me in Rog’s direction, as far as reviews and clips. I have never done this before and I am really excited about beginning!
What I love most of all is oral sex. I have a definite oral fixation. I love giving head and I just learned to deep throat so I am pretty excited with that (as is my man). I just keep practicing and practicing to be as good as I can be at it. Blowjobs will be the primary focus of my video clips. I hope you love watching me suck dick as much as I love doing it.

I also love toys. I’m a student and home most of the day studying while my man is out working. I get horny and like to take brain overload breaks every few hours and use my toys to keep me happy. Believe it or not, these toy breaks help with my ability to refocus and get tons of homework done. It’s fantastic! My favorites are the pocket rocket and the jackrabbit. I am also quite interested in some of the bigger, celebrity molded dildos on the market. After watching some of these guys on screen I am quite curious as to how their cocks would feel deep inside of me.

With Rog’s help I am working on a web site and a video clip store that will feature me doing two of the things I love best, sucking cock and playing with myself. What do you guys think? Is there room in this business for someone like me?

I want to focus on these two areas and hope to make some clips that you guys want to see. I am open to ideas and want input. What kind of blowjobs do you want to see? Do you want costumes? Or Role Play? Swallowing? Facials? Deep Throat? I am brand new to this arena so I am really counting on feedback from you.

I look forward to hearing your input, doing reviews of movies and toys for Rog’s site and making movies. Yay!!!

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