Big Butt Face Smashers

Big Butt Face Smashers

118 Mins
Mean Bitch/3rd World
DIRECTOR: Glenn King
THEMES: Face Sitting, Fem Dom, Foot Play, Ass Eating, Humiliation,
STARS: Julie Cash, Assh Lee. Alycia Starr, Richelle Ryan,


This movie is for a very specific audience. It is wall to wall face sitting, fem-dom and humiliation. While that’s not in my normal wheelhouse, the movie is really well put together and rather enjoyable. Glenn King shoots this kind of fetish stuff better than anyone I have ever seen. He knows his audience, finds talent that is skilled at delivering what they expect and making it all look great. One thing I really enjoy about Glenn’s work is that he shoots what is essentially a niche movie, like he would a standard fuck and fuck flick. The female cast is well suited for the type of action and the title integrity. There are some seriously big asses here and they are used quite skillfully to smash some submissive male faces. In addition to the big ass face sitting, there is a lot of foot play here. The set ups offer good variety which is nice since they really stick to the meat and potatoes for the sexual action. (Within the genre of course.) For blonde Julie Cash it is a wrestling session that turns real as she dominates a weaker male opponent and eventually smothers him with her big cheeks. Assh Lee demands payment for a drug deal in tongue action. She wants the guy to lick her everywhere and won’t stop smothering him until she gets everything and then some. Alycia Starr is the mother of a bully and we find out where the little tyke got it. She bullies the whining father and teaches him a lesson or two. Richelle Ryan plays the boss’ wife who knows how to control the guys who work for her husband. This one really plays up the role play aspect beautifully. If you like fem dom, foot play and face sitting, this is a fantastic collection of scenes.

Julie Cash

First out of the gate is curvy blonde Julie Cash. She squares off with a guy who is shocked when she gets rough. He isn’t ready for her strength and is on the ground being choked between her thick thighs in no time. After letting him up, she takes him down quickly again. This time the panties come off and she smothers his face with her bare ass and pussy. She smashes her huge ass down on his face and verbally humiliates the poor guy. He begs her to stop, but she just slaps him and spins around to continue suffocating him. He really has no choice but to lick any sweaty body part she wants to use on him. When her ass isn’t enough, she makes him lick both her armpits and her feet. It’s the ass that really gets the most attention though. Julie sits on his face and forces him to worship that huge behind in every position they can think of. He finally gets some relief when she jerks him off. Julie has a really impressive big ass and uses it perfectly in this opening scene.

Assh Lee

A drug deal goes wrong with Assh Lee (I see what you did there, twice) doesn’t want money for blow. She wants him to kneel and worship her huge hiney. Assh has really big cheeks that shake as she smothers him. She also has a voice deep enough to make me wonder if he isn’t in for an even bigger surprise when her panties come off. Nothing extra on hand here, just some serious face sitting and smothering. Her feet get a lot of pampering as well. He licks the toes and the soles while she just towers over him. He oils up her ass and enjoys watching it wiggle and jiggle. After jerking him off for a few seconds, she puts him back to work licking toes and her big ass. She jerks him off while sitting on his face, rewarding him for his hard work.

Alycia Starr

Alycia Starr’s daughter is beating up a boy at school. When the boy’s father confronts her about the bullying, she laughs and mocks both the father and his son for being wimps. Throwing him to the ground, she orders him to lick her shoes and then her sweaty feet. The trash talk is super heavy in this one as Alycia makes him beg for mercy while groveling at her feet. Bending over, she makes him worship her big ass and then lick her butthole. Sitting on his face, she slams her cheeks against him and talks trash the whole time. Alycia is very good at face sitting and all he can do is lick and gasp from breath when she allow it. With her full weight pressing down on him, he doesn’t get much air that’s for sure. Alycia sits on his face and jerks him off, ordering him to “cum little bitch” over until he explodes in her hand.

Richelle Ryan

When Richelle Ryan’s husband has to go out of town, he leaves her in the care of his best employees. After a scary story about what happened to last guy to be given this task, he is at a disadvantage when Richelle decides to take what she wants from him. Pulling up her skirt, she orders him to kiss her ass. He cowers but knows that he can’t say no if he wants to keep his job. His tongue finds its way to her ass and he starts licking. Promising to ruin him if he doesn’t agree to pleasure her and take her shopping, Richelle proves to be the wickedest of boss’ wives. Flipping over she has him licking her pussy while she rubs her clit. Ramping things up, she smothers him with her boobs and then takes off her shoes so he can eat her feet. Good nasty talk as she forces him to service her holes with his mouth. She also makes the face sitting look outstanding thanks to her very shapely backside. Sitting on top of him in 69 she jerks his cock until he busts a big nut right into her tightly clenched fist.

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