Just Random Notes


It’s late on a Sunday and I felt like writing some stuff down, so here goes.
– I hear that Molly Rome is back, sort of. She emailed me and showed me some pictures of how she looks now. (Hot) I even got Molly to agree to do some toy reviews with pictures. Apparently she is going to be shooting some of her own pro-am stuff that I will get to see soon. Can’t wait.
– This is in response to a number of emails I have been getting. They all start out with “Hey Rog, why don’t review more movies by” and then fill in the blanks. Well, I get a lot of movies from a number of different companies so I usually don’t end up reviewing titles from companies who don’t send screeners. I often buy their movies or rent them, but I feel wrong about reviewing those when other companies seem to actually enough about you guys to send me screeners. Right now, I get nothing at all from Vivid, Private, Devil’s Films, West Coast Productions and of course, Max Hardcore. I would gladly review titles from any of these companies. I also don’t get DVDs from VCA which is why all of their reviews are VHS.
-I am just about to re-open the web site review section of the site. I could use some people who want to spend the time reviewing sites. There is no pay in it, but if anyone is interested and has some samples or whatever, send them on over.
– Does anyone know if the Naked New York show I did has aired yet? I need to find out.
That’s all for now, I’ve got a lot of stuff in the works for this week so stay tuned.

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