Angela Loves Women 3

Angela Loves Women 3

134 Mins
AGW/Girlfriends Films
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Big Boobs, Natural Boobs, Big Ass, Shower Sex
STARS: Angela White, Abella Danger, Karlee Grey, Valentina Nappi, Jenna Sativa


Angela White is the biggest and hottest star in XXX right now. I know that’s a bold statement, but it’s pretty easy to back up. She has the fact, the body, the sexual energy, the attitude and she has a knack for always giving us fantastic scenes, especially in her own movies. In this third installment of her lesbian series Angela Loves Women, Angela White pairs with four really hot girls and brings out the very best in each of them. In the opener, Angela goes boob to boob with another naturally blessed woman, Karlee Grey. They are both really sexy and get down for some really good finger play. Add some foot play for those who dig that and you get a great opening scene. The second scene is my favorite of a great bunch. Valentina Nappi is a truly stunning woman. Watching her with Angela White is just an eye candy overload. They are both so beautiful and approach one another like they share that view. It is so refinishing and hot to see women who seem to really appreciate how truly fortunate they are to share each other’s company. Mark this one down as one of the best girl/girl scenes of the year. Jenna Sativa’s scene lacks a little star power that the others give us, but I liked the shower play. Fans of bush will also want to take note of this one. In the finale, Angela takes on Abella Danger. It’s boobs Vs. butts if you want to break it down that way. It is really a matchup between two of the most passionate performers in the biz and the result is exactly what you would expect. It’s blistering and brilliant from start to finish. This is a great movie for people who love hot girl on girl action. If you are a fan of Angela White, add this DVD to your collection and get ready for a ton of heat.

Angela White & Karlee Grey

The opening scene feature a couple of amazing sets of natural breasts attached to two of the sexiest women in XXX. Angela and Karlee Grey stare longingly into each other’s eyes as they touch and kiss and get warmed up. Working her way down, Angela gets her nose buried into Karlee’s furry muff and starts licking like she’s attacking an ice cream on a hot day. They switch places and Karlee focuses on breast play. She and Angela both tongue the same nipple which is just fucking hot. She works down and impresses Angela with her tongue and finger action. The eye candy with these women on camera is very high, but the way they look at each other is just as hot as anything here. They incorporate some foot play for those who like that. Karlee certainly seems to enjoy having her feet licked by Angela. They 69 for a while with Angela on top and that seems to get both women off. By the time they finish they are sweaty, smiling and ready to share a sweet sensual kiss.

Angela White & Valentina Nappi

I recently made a post on social media about Valentina Nappi and Angela White being perfect for any XXX Wonder Woman parodies. I did so to compliment Angela and Valentina. Of course that isn’t how it came out once the butt hurt and the fan bois took over. But I posted that while watching this scene and I stand by it. Both of them are gorgeous, naturally busty and fucking sexy as fuck. They spend a good deal of time warming up with breast play and kissing. It’s super sexy, especially if you like big natural boobs. Valentina puts her fingers to great use on Angela’s pussy, filling it with one hand and working the other on her clit until the busty Australian beauty is clutching at the couch desperately. Trading places, Angela starts slowly, teasing Valentina with gentle slaps around her pussy before diving in for the main event. The kissing never stops as these two beauties intensify their love making. They settle into some 69 with Valentina Squatting over Angela’s face to show off those legs and her lovely ass. This scene is simply fantastic.

Angela White & Jenna Sativa

Of the four women Angela picked for this movie, Jenna Sativa is probably the least well known. That doesn’t mean she isn’t cute as hell and ready to play though. Angela turns her ass to the young girl and lets Jenna use her tongue to make that pussy gush and her ass quiver. Returning the favor, Angela kneels as Jenna stands in front of her and enjoys some enthusiastic finger and tongue action. They switch places and Jenna goes crazy on Angela’s pussy. Interesting contrast here between Jenna’s bush and Angela’s smooth lips. You can see more of the action without the hair hiding things. I know some people prefer the furry look, but there is definitely a different visual aesthetic at play. They turn on the shower and have fun under the water, fingering each other furiously during some really beautiful footage.

Angela White & Abella Danger

Last up is a superstar match that no one wants to miss. Angela White and her amazing boobs with Abella Danger and her spectacular ass. Wisely focusing her early attention on that ass, Angela admires it like she loves it as much as we do. There is some fantastic boob play when Abella rightly goes after Angela’s rack. Watching these women appreciate one another’s bodies is really sexy. Watching both women suck one of Angela’s nipples is just too fucking hot for words, but I’m a perv like that. Abella starts seriously trembling when Angela goes for her toes. Apparently having her feet sucked is a hot button for this sexy young thing. Abella must have some good skills too, because Angela looks like she’s about to explode from the way that tongue is hitting her hot spots. This is another scene that is as sexy as it is easy on the eyes.

BONUS: Bonus Scene (Angela White solo), Trailers

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