Japanese Silk Love Rope: Blindfold & Cuffs Kit

Japanese Silk Love Rope: Blindfold & Cuffs Kit (Reviewed by Rog)

Overall Rating: B

Type of Toy: Cuffs/Blindfold


Bottom Line: Great kit for bondage beginners and playful lovers.

Price: $10.90 at www.SexToy.com

Manufacturer: Topco Sales

Size: One Size Fits All

Material: Silky Nylon ropes, patent leather blindfold.

Best For: Adventurous Bondage play for beginners.


This is a really basic bondage kit that is perfect for beginners. It comes with a set of rope handcuff and a blindfold. As a bonus there is a also a 16 page booklet that outlines some basic Japanese rope bondage techniques. It might have been nice if they had included some illustrations to give newbies a few ideas, but instead it focuses on safety and a bit of background.

Blindfold: The blindfold is pink and soft on one side with a plastic cover on the outside which should make for easy cleaning if necessary. It has to thin elastic straps that hold it in place on the users heat. It allows quite a bit of light in, but should cover just about anyone’s eyes well enough. It is comfortable, but may not be the most durable blindfold on the market.

Cuffs: The soft nylon ropes are very comfortable. That is the main strength here. Each end of the cuffs has two loops to hold ones wrists (or ankles) in place. They are easily adjustable and are not likely to hurt anyone using them. It is also rather easy to get out of them if you want to. Again, this should help beginners feel safe when using the Japanese Silk Love Ropes. Of course they can be moved higher up the arms, making it more difficult to escape. In fact, you can slide them all the way up to the biceps and effectively bind someone that way. And yes sports fans, that comes in hand during a blowjob session with the blindfold. Just make sure that your partner trusts you and has fun having her hands free but her arms immobilized. (Same would apply to a male partner, though I don’t have experience in those matters.)

Overall this is a simple, comfortable and fun set of cuffs and blindfold. It says that it si great for beginners or more advanced users, but I honestly think that it’s perfect for bondage newbies. There is nothing scary here, it is built for comfort and will help ease people into what can be a very scary and intimidating world. This will make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift or special present when you want to give your significant other a little something spicy.

Weaknesses: Thin elastic straps on the blindfold could make durability and issue down the road. (No problem on mine yet after several uses.

Batteries Needed: None

Clean Up: Wet Cloth as Needed.

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