Anal Nymphos Anal Legends

Anal Nymphos Anal Legends

Anal Nymphos Anal Legends

Movie Type: All Sex
177 Mins
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Manuel Ferrara
THEMES: Anal Sex, Natural Breasts, Big Cocks, Choking, Rough Sex
STARS: Angela White, Jada Stevens, Alyssa Cole, Ella Nova, Manuel Ferrara,


This all-anal adventure from Manuel Ferrara feature anal nymphos and anal legends. Or maybe the title implies that the women are the anal nymphos and Manuel is the anal legend. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a clever way to make a title pop on the box. (Anal Nymphos Anal Legends….ANAL…see what he did there?) It really doesn’t matter what he calls the movie. He has some super hot women here and they all take his big cock in every hole. The action here is intense and that works more often than not. The observant among you will see the cast list and know from whom my favorite scene came. There are others to talk about first. Starting at the end, we have Alyssa Cole. She’s cute and handles the anal action fine, but her scene didn’t work for me like the others. That may have been due to the excessive choking that just leaves me cold. Your mileage may vary. Jada Stevens is certainly a booty legend. She handles the action quite well and her scene will be popular with fans. I liked the way they shot her ass quite a bit in this one. Ella Nova really impressed me in this movie. She has great energy and is quite attractive. I’m going to look for a lot more from her. That brings us to my favorite scene of the movie. It’s also the first so you can gear up for something great right out of the gate. Angela White rocks a corset, bikini and boots in her scene. Damn she looks good. Of course she always knows how to show off her body and her sexual intensity is second to none. Matching Angela with Manuel is a fantastic thing. They have good chemistry and seem to enjoy each other in a way that makes their scenes flow even when they get ragged around the edges. It just proves that with the right performers, a scene doesn’t have to be shot a particular way to be blistering hot. To say this is the best scene of the lot is an understatement. It’s fantastic and the rest of the movie is really good as well. If you like enthusiastic, sometimes rough anal sex this is for you.

Angela White & Manuel Ferrara

Wasting no time at all, Manuel presents Angela White in black boots, a corset and bikini that has her looking even more stunning than usual as she struts and teases. She pulls her boobs out and walks around showing them off. Wow, she is just amazing in every way. Approaching the camera, she also shows off her ass and plays with Manuel a bit. Oiling her boobs, she gives us some fantastic footage to enjoy. Manuel finally pulls out his cock and Angela knows exactly what to do with it. She talks to the camera, loving his dick as she strokes and licks it. Lots of women give great looking head, but Angela always goes the extra mile to make sure that every scene she does is blistering hot. After showing off her ass, she gets back to sucking and does an even better job this time around. Manuel slips his cock into her and that brings out the best in Angela. Her energy increases and she is not at all shy about telling him just how much she likes what he is doing. He gets a little rough with choking and boob slapping, but she responds very positively to everything he does. After begging to feel him in her ass, she gets into spoon and takes that big cock in the backdoor. There is some RCA that is stunning as Manuel fucks her hard enough to make her boobs shake and shimmy with every stroke. The fucks her hard enough to get a good gape shot going before she buries her face in his ass for some rimming. They finish up with hard pounding anal, great boob play and then with Angela milking his big cock until it explodes all over her face and hair. I don’t want to give away too much, but this scene is the best of the bunch by far and you should probably just watch it again before you even continue.

Jada Stevens & Manual Ferrara

Next up is Jada Stevens. In terms of just having a shapely ass, the might be the biggest draw in this movie. She shows it off briefly in the shower and then bends over right in front of the camera after she dries off. Watching her get dressed makes for some nice tease before she puts her anal skills to the test. Manuel goes nuts just looking at her ass and can’t say enough about it. He bends her over and slurps loudly from behind. Jada gets on her knees and sucks his bid dick. She does a nice job for sure, but after Angela, the bar has been set impossibly high. There is some good action as she gets on top and grinds her hips while showing off her ass. He fucks her pussy hard and that gets her going. They move to the floor where she sticks that shapely ass high in the air and Manuel penetrates her exposed cheeks. The ass shots are great, the anal is good and they finish with a solid facial. If you like Jada’s ass, this is a scene to check out.

Ella Nova & Manuel Ferrara

Manuel happens upon a car with Ella Nova in it. Her ass is sticking out the window and that’s a pretty sweet sight. He goes to the other side where she is panting like a dog and practically begging for his cock. He feeds it to her and her attacks it with great vigor. Crawling out of the car, she kneels in front of him and lets him stroke it while the head is in her mouth. They move away from the couch where Ella has a whole collection of sex toys just waiting for her willing ass. Unfortunately my DVD wasn’t as willing as her ass and I had to skip about 15 minutes to get it work again. (I checked other review sites and this seemed to be a flaw in my DVD, not the whole run.) It comes back in time for Ella to be on her back with Manuel balls deep in her ass. He is going full stroke in the backdoor and she seems to be loving every inch of him. She uses a huge toy on her pussy at the same time to really keep her holes filled. She gets on top and shows off a really nice ass. He finishes off with a perfectly shot, huge facial cumshot. I like Ella’s energy and the pop really ties this together nicely.

Alyssa Cole & Manuel Ferrara

Alyssa Cole is enjoying the sun as she sits by the pool. Her body looks great in a bikini, but she strips out of it pretty fast to show off her ass. She spreads her cheeks and shows off the gape from the start. Nice tease here, but she is waiting for the main event and Manuel is set to give it to her. He spreads her legs and slides four fingers into her pussy. That rough warm up leads to some intense face fucking. None of this seems to bother her at all, but the full speed ahead approach just doesn’t have me engaged in this scene like some of the others. There is some choking and very hard sex. We have seen that throughout, but it just doesn’t come across the same in this scene. Not all of them can be home runs. He bends her over, fucks her ass and then gives her some A2M. Alyssa is cute and handles the action just fine. The facial is good, but this one just didn’t work for me.

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