Buck up and get ready to ride! That is the warning given on the splash page for www.fakedrivingschool.com. This site features hot XXX action that takes place in the backs of the cars at this faux driving school. The vehicles are all wired for video for lots of easy coverage of the action. It’s reality porn at its best as these female would-be drives show up to learn the ins and outs of road etiquette. Instead they learn the down and dirty reality of hot and nasty car sex.

The site provides XXX niche porn that takes place in cars and stars UK porn talent that ranges from amateur to pro. They do a good job of using fresh enough talent to make the whole set up work. Of course if you are familiar with Euro-babes and/or British porn chicks, you will recognize women like Jasmine Jae, Stella Cox and Chloe Carter. They play the role well though and keep the fantasy working.


The main page for www.fakedrivingschool.com makes it very easy to get to the latest and greatest updates on the site. It has a tool bar and a basic tube style update setup below. The thumbnails give a sneak peek and they also provide scene title, the date the scene was added to the site, how many views and how many thumbs up vote each one has. The scenes are arranged by date, popularity and rating if you want to just jump on something from the main page.

The tool bar is good for really checking out the site. The Explore button takes you to list of latest scenes and also offers a random button if you just want to grab whatever comes along. The models page is nice if you want to see who stars in each scene. It lists all of the models featured on the site (22 as of this review) with nice still shots, the number of scenes they have as well as their up/down votes. Stella Cox is the most popular model on the site so far and she is definitely hot. The individual model pages feature a brief bio and the ability to vote for and follow you favorite models. Each scene is also linked so you can see your favorite in action.

The toolbar also gives access to a cam network and other promos that take you off site. It doesn’t totally fit with the theme of the site, but it offers up some decent variety if you feel like mixing it up.

Scenes on www.fakedrivingschool.com are pretty simple. The drivers are hot females who think they are being taught to drive by the guys from this fake school. The cameras capture the action as if it were a hidden camera show and that has some appeal. There are occasionally funny bits as some of these students really are pretty horrible drivers. At some point, negotiations kick in. Some of the girls are so horrible that they need to bribe an instructor in order to pass. Some of them need a discount on the price while others just have a big crush on their instructors. Once the sex kicks in, it is shot completely inside of the cars. There is plenty of room for some good blowjob shots and then they have to get a bit creative when it’s time to fuck. There are a few female instructors as well and those scenes follow the same format with the same result.

The video quality is pretty good. With updates shot inside of cars, the angles are going to be somewhat limited. For that reason, the hidden camera idea is really perfect. It doesn’t feel limited at all. It feels like we are getting to peek on something we aren’t supposed to be seeing at all.

As mentioned above, Stella Cox is the most popular model on www.fakedrivingschool.com. She has two updates on the sites and both of them are pretty good. In the first, she is working very hard to learn to drive. There is clearly some chemistry with her instructor. She is very pretty and just getting to watch her drive and flirt serves as pretty hot tease footage. Stella thinks she is ready for her test. He explains that some of the testers are quite strict. Stella asks him if he can make sure she is paired with one who might go easy on her. He is on the fence about that, not wanting to lose his job and all. She is quite persuasive though and willing to do anything it takes. When she offers to show him her boobs, that moves the needle quite a bit. With her jeans down around her knees and her perfect natural boobs on display, she gives him some front seat head like she is quite adept that this maneuver. She manages to mount him and fuck hard enough for those big tits to shake his face as she screams on every stroke. Most of the sex happens with Stella on all fours which works out great. It allows her boobs to sway under her body perfectly. I am impressed by the way they get a great shot of the pop in the cramped quarters.

Sticking to their agreement, the instructor sets her up with a lenient tester. Her driving is not nearly as impressive as her rack and Stella is about to fail. He calls the instructor and tells him that she is not even close to being ready. Now it’s time for the favor to kick in. The only way she is going to pass is If she gives him the same treatment. No problem there. Stella sucks his cock and must do a great job. He loudly raves about her skills while she chokes on the head of his dick. She gets naked from the waist down (Other than her socks for those of you scoring at home) and fucks him good and hard. You have to love her energy and wonder if she might punch a hole through the roof in her fits of passion. He does her from behind, showing off those amazing tits again. This time around she gets a shot all over her cute face. Great girl, fun action.

COST: There are three membership options plus a trial for www.fakedrivingschool.com

-$1.00 3-Day Trial Membership
-$24.99 30 Day Membership
-$54.99 90 Day Membership ($18.33/Month)
-$99.99 One Year Membership. ($16.67/year)

OVERALL: 85 of 100.
Models: 17 of 20 (Attractive Pros)
Quality of Content: 16 of 20 (Hidden Camera, Car Sex.)
Quantity of Content: 15 of 20 (Regular Updates, Video Only)
Ease of Use: 17 of 20 (Very Simple to Use)
Niche Appeal: 20 of 20 (Car Sex, Bribery, Fake School)


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