Booty Queen 3

Booty Queen 3

102 Mins
102 Mins
Arch Angel
DIRECTOR: Mimefreak
THEMES: MILF, Big Ass, Lesbian Sex, Fem Dom, DP, Anal Sex
STARS: Kendra Lust, Jada Stevens, AJ Applegate, Riley Reid, Ramon Nomar, Mick Blue, Marcus Dupree, Jake


Arch Angel has created a pretty hot big-ass series with this one. Booty Queen movies always feature a curvy baby who brings more than just a big butt to the table. That is the case with volume three and cover model Kendra Lust. She has a body that certainly fits the bill. That ass is a thing of wonder and the rest of her body is just as impressive. The headline event in this movie is Kendra’s first DP scene. Of course there are a lot of hot moments leading up that final piece of backside filth. First she gets to team with Riley Reid to take on Ramon Nomar. Riley is cute as ever and manages to steal a bit of the spotlight from the star. Nothing wrong with that of course and the three-way fuck is blistering hot. Kendra is on the receiving end of ass-adoration from two booty queens, AJ Applegate and Jada Stevens. This is the kind of scene that you don’t want to miss if you like big asses in bunches. Kendra stars in the only one on one scene of the movie with Jake. She takes control in some light femdom action that is a nice change of pace without drifting too far off from your basic hardcore fuck scene. The final DP scene lives up to the box cover billing. Kendra has great energy and manages to open up all three holes for some serious hard-pounding action. This is one of her very best scenes and caps off an impressive movie that should not be missed by anyone who loves in shape MILFs with banging booties.

Kendra Lust, Riley Reid & Ramon Nomar

We open up with Kendra Lust and Riley Reid in front of a big window. This allows for some very nicely framed tease footage of the two women. Dressed in heels and stockings, the women kiss their way over to the bed and continue the show while Ramon watches. Riley plays with Kendra’s big boobs and then slowly pulls down her panties to adore that big round MILF ass. Kendra puts Riley on all fours so she can play with that tight pussy and tease her asshole with her tongue. That leaves Riley in good position to start sucking. Kendra hops right in there to make a two-mouth BJ for Ramon. He bends her over and fucks while Riley obediently licks Kendra’s butt. Riley takes her turn, mounting with her feet straight up in the air and letting Ramon fuck that tight little pussy. They take turns riding his cock with Riley again sticking her tongue back there to keep Kendra happy. I know this is Kendra’s movie, but Riley steals the spotlight with some really enthusiastic dick grinding. He does pull out and cum on Kendra’s ass which is a choice given the title of this movie.

Kendra Lust, AJ Applegate & Jada Stevens

Keeping the focus firmly on Kendra and her fantastic body, the next scene takes place in a shower and has Kendra getting wet and naughty. It serves as tease for a three-girl scene between Kendra, AJ Applegate and Jada Stevens. I know what you’re thinking. That much ass in one scene could cause heart failure. So consider that your warning label. The two younger girls are there to give her a massage. AJ is totally over the moon and spout off dialog about how amazing Kendra is. Jada seems unimpressed. Kendra strips down and enjoys the massage. Jade and AJ slip out of their T shirts and continue to work in just the tiniest of booty shorts. Once Kendra sees that the girls are half naked, she decides to give them permission to take things further. They all move over to the couch to form a line as they kiss, lick and play. As expected, the asses take center stage and anyone looking for booty-heavy lesbian action will and this scene in heavy rotation. Kendra is in the middle of the action for a long while. She licks AJ’s sweep pussy first and then turns around to try Jada. As with the first scene, AJ is so fucking hot here that she kind of steals the spotlight. When she is sitting on Kendra’s face wiggling that ass, it’s just about the hottest thing this movie has to offer. Wow what a backside on Ms. Applegate.

Kendra Lust & Jake

Kendra hires Jake to clean up around the house. After giving him specific instructions, she leaves for the gym. Jake grabs some food and falls asleep in front of the TV. When Kendra returns home and is so furious she fires him and kicks him out. No she doesn’t, this is fucking porn. She demands he follow every instruction she gives him and orders him to clean the house for free. No again, weren’t you paying attention the first time. She comes out in a hot BDSM outfit and orders him into the bedroom. Kendra sits on his face, grinding her ass and threatening to suffocate him with it. Taking out his cock she starts sucking it, staying in control the entire time. Nice eye contact as she sucks and verbally praises his dick. They swing around into 69 she can ride his face some more. Mounting up, she starts fucking and shows off her ass perfectly. Kendra orders him to keep stroking while she removes some more clothes and gets into doggy. Nice dirty talk as Kendra stays in control wile fucking him. I really like the way her legs look in her dark stockings and the facial payoff is pretty outstanding. In a movie made up entirely of threesomes save for this scene, it stands out and really lets Kendra shine.

Kendra Lust, Mick Blue & Marcus Dupree

For the finale, Booty Queen Kendra Lust goes for her first DP. They use the throne as a setting while she teases, showing off her long shapely legs and that great backside. When the tease ends she crawls to the camera, talking to the audience as if they are the ones who are about to fuck her. It’s some good POV tease as she plays with her tits and talks dirty. There are some really good ass shots as well as a ton of sexual energy. Kendra is going nuts here and really commands the screen. She flips over and spreads her legs wide for some super-hot anal shots in RCA. Of course we came for a DP and she isn’t about to disappoint. With one in each of her lower orifices, Kendra breaks out into more hot talk and demands that the guys do her properly. This is hot, hard and aggressive sex. But it also looks pretty damn good. The standing DP footage is really nicely captured and shows just how much she can take. They break formation for some one on one anal that is really hot. They take her at the same time again and finish with a pair of shots. The first goes on her face where it stays as she gets ass fucked one last time.

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