Ms. Grey 2: Darker

Ms. Grey 2: Darker

203 Mins
Severe Sex Films
DIRECTOR: Dee Severe & Lily Cade
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, BDSM, Spanking, Verbal Humiliation
STARS: Lily Cade, Dolly Leigh, Dana Vespoli, Charlotte Sartre. Jillian Janson, Loni Legend,


After giving us what I think might be the best “50 Shades” inspired adult film, Severe Sex Films is back with a sequel. It is an all-female cast (at least in the sexual roles) with Lily Cade playing the lead and Dolly Leigh returning as the object of her affections. Both of them turn in award-caliber acting performances and get to deliver dialog that is pretty damn good. The sex matches the story which means that we are treated to a number of hot girl/girl scenes with a distinct BDSM flavor. With that said, the scenes do offer a pretty fair amount of variety, The movie opens with a rather vanilla lesbian encounter between Dolly and Loni Legend Both women look great together and tickling is about the wildest thing that they get into. After that, Lily Cade takes over and the action ranges from sexy eye candy to super extreme BDSM. She and Dolly have two scenes together. The first is a great looking reconciliation between the two main characters It features some really good looking strap on sex from Lily. The scene between Lily and Charlotte Sartre is extremely intense. It features some hard spanking with marks, extreme water play and verbal humiliation. It won’t be for everyone, but for what it is, it’s pretty impressive. After Lily and Dolly share another scene, we get to see Lily with Dana Vespoli. The scene shows us the very start of Ms. Grey’s journey into dark sexuality. This is an outstanding scene that should be given serious consideration at award time. The finale is a great outdoor scene between Lily and the gorgeous Jillian Janson. I love anything this woman does and this scene is no expectation. This is a very solid feature that plays nicely off of the original and provides all lesbian sex of many flavors. It’s a very solid effort and should find its way onto your wish list if like lesbian action, BDSM or solid XXX features.

Dolly Leigh & Loni Legend

Dolly Leigh has been out of contact with her friends during her time with Ms. Grey. Loni Legend is happy to have her back and requests a pillow fight at the end of a night out. (Cuz that’s what two girls do after hanging out, always.) It quickly becomes a tickle fight that goes on long enough to almost qualify as a fetish scene between the two giggling young women. I think Loni wins the tickle battle, but they both come out OK when things move on to kissing and more intimate activities. Loni strips and then gets to licking. Dolly enjoys her friend’s oral skills quite a bit. I really like the way they play with each other. The ticking continues as Dolly starts going down on Loni. She wiggles her butt while eating in a way that definitely stands out. Loni uses her hands well when Dolly is on all fours. There is a constant state of sexy fun during this scene. The women smile, laugh and play while still managing to give the camera good shots of the action.

Lily Cade & Dolly Leigh

Ms. Grey (Lily Cade) is back in the picture. After a fancy art show, she and Dolly share some dessert. After some very specific dialog, Dolly gets Lily to agree to share ice cream. This means licking it off her of her body which leads to some interesting and hot footage to be sure. It doesn’t take Lily long to work he way between her lover’s legs where the real magic happens. Lily lifts her onto all fours and takes her cock out of her pants, filling Dolly and making her squeal with delight. The strap on play is really hot. Dolly has very nice legs and these two women have outstanding chemistry. After dishing out one of the better strap on fucks I have seen in a long time, Lily leans back and lets Dolly lick her to full climax. Great scene between two women who certainly seem to enjoy working together.

Lily Cade & Charlotte Sartre

Ms. Grey’s insane ex (Charlotte Sartre) puts a good scare into everyone. That earns her a very stern fucking from Lily. And this one is pretty rough folks. Lily slaps Charlotte and insults her until the pale brunette is crying and whimpering. There is a lot of slapping and some disturbing play with old bathwater and dirty socks. Charlotte gets spanked and swatted until her ass is bright pink and then gets dunked in some intense water play. This is some very intense BDSM footage that is well acted and shot. It’s not my cup of tea, but it is outstanding for what it is. Taking her out of the water, Lily keeps a crying Charlotte on all fours as she furiously fingers her holes and then fucks her with a big strap on. This is pretty out there, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Lily Cade & Dolly Leigh

With that threat handled, Lily spanks Dolly for being disobedient. This puts her right back in the mood to be dominated. Flipped over, Dolly squeals and flexes her toes like she is already about to burst. She quickly returns the favor, working on Lily with fingers and tongue like her life depends on it. The action ends with kissing and a very romantic gesture.

Lily Cade & Dana Vespoli

We learn about the secret past that Dolly’s boss has with Ms. Grey. A younger Lily was on the streets when Dana Dana Vespolitook her for a night of fun and so much more. Even this early on, Ms. Grey knows how to take control. Dana becomes submissive as Lily furious fingers her fury mound. She bends her new friend over and spreads her lips just enough to show us some pink while focusing on Dana’s clit in a way that sends her right over the edge. Getting behind Dana, Lily fucks her with furious strokes that once again show off her skills with a strap on. The scene kind of morphs into one where Dana shows up in a cat suit and gets thoroughly eaten by Lily. The switch in power dynamic is evident and Lily finds herself on the receiving end of some pretty hard flogging. There is also pinching a bit of biting and some general BDSM play here. Lily’s feet get sucked, flogged and used for pussy pleasing. She also spends time with her face buried in Dana’s ass. We learn a lot about Ms. Grey during the in-scene dialog and it is also pretty intense stuff. It is a very revealing scene that features Lily getting railed pretty damn hard with a big strap on.

Lily Cade & Jillian Janson

After a car crash that nearly kills them both, Lily and Jillian Janson wander aimlessly looking for civilization. The whole thing turns Lily on and she eventually gives Jillian and foot massage to comfort her. It turns to foot play, kissing and some shots that could fall into the stocking fetish category. Jillian is simply stunning and the outdoor setting adds something new to the action as Lily’s fingers work their magic on Jillian’s tight pussy. Great eye candy as they hold one another and Jillian seems to know just how to point her toes and flex her legs for maximum visual perfection. Don’t worry fetish fans, Lily uses her tie to tie Jillian’s hands behind her back and lick her from behind. Damn hot looking stuff here. The strap on play is really good here. It’s hard not to just stare at Jillian any time she is on screen, but with Lily’s skills on display, the combination is perfect.

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