Climax Gems Lavender Beaded


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Climax Gems Lavender Beaded (Reviewed by Savana Switzer)

Overall Rating: A+

Type of Toy: Vibrator


Bottom Line: Every gadget girl’s best friend.


Manufacturer: Topco Sales

Size: 6″ Long (5 insertable), 3 1/2 ” circumference

Material: Plastic

Best For: Vaginal stimulation


For my triumphant (albeit temporary) return to the world of pournalism, Rog was kind enough to send me a grab-bag of toys that tend to be up my alley. And who says Christmas only has to cum once a year?

The first selection was this fairly-new addition to the Climax Gems line of Topco sales, a reasonably-sized vibrator with multi-speed action and “pleasure nubs” which promised to heighten sensation. More appreciatively, the Gem was to-scale with most men; according to some random men I was hanging out with at a bar the other night, the average penis size is now up to 5.5 inches.

To help get back in the swing of things, I set up the appropriate mood music (a burned CD of some songs that really just make you go “Ohhhh”) and applied just a small amount of Liquid Sex Hemp Aphrodisiac Boost lubricant on the tip of the Gem. As much as I liked the aroma of the lube (which smelled, not surprisingly, like hemp and sex) I enjoyed the work of the Gem more.

The Gem is a product that works for you, and not against you. Unlike some vibrators, the Gem doesn’t feel like holding on to rotating paint cans. The vibration, concentrated in the tip, heightens sensation, instead of creating a distraction. The shaft boasts a certain flexibility that delivers the promised comfort from all imaginable angles, and the speed control at the bottom is among the simplest to operate. Even though the Gem is waterproof (one of my favorite, required features in ANY vibrator I plan on using long-term) I certainly don’t have to worry about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from operating it, and none of the speeds were too intense to handle. Most exciting of all, however, is the delicious twinge of ecstasy that arose from the pleasure nubs, which alternately titillated and tortured me in all the right ways. I especially enjoy deep-plunging the Gem inside of me, as the shaft with its’ rounded handle does a more than adequate job of standing in for an actual penis.

Given the choice between sex with a person and sex with a toy, I’ll almost always choose a person. As much as I like kissing girls, I would make a terrible lesbian because I like penetration too much to give it up for boobs, but sometimes men just aren’t available. And for those unfortunate times, the Gem is a great stand-in.

Weaknesses: None.

Batteries Needed: 2 AAA (Not Included)

Clean Up: Soap & Water.

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