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Blog: 3/25

This and That

It has been a while since I’ve written a proper “stuff” blog entry. No excuses on this end. Things have been super busy, but I just haven’t done it. Hopefully you have noticed that I have been adding a lot of new web site reviews, toy reviews and of course DVD reviews. Been working hard, but it’s time for a this and that entry.

Eye Candy: Anabolic has done some retooling to their web site. It is looking pretty good these days. Shyla Stylez is also looking really good in this photo set.

Busy Life: One of the reasons I have been so long between blog entries is that things have really changed in my “real life” schedule-wise. My oldest son started Little League (Teeball) and I am the assistant coach for his team. It takes up close to ten hours a week between practices, meetings, games and other little things they keep throwing at us. Those of you who know me know how really ‘well’ I deal with changes to my schedule. It usually takes about a month for me to get my feet. This change has been huge and altered my work schedule in a big way. But you know what? I freaking love it. Coaching has been so much more fun than I ever could have imagined. My son is loving it. He has been waiting to play baseball since he was two and is having the best time. (I have written a lot more, but am breaking off to a separate piece so you don’t have to read this sappy personal moment unless you really want to.)(Read Whole Article Here)

Eye Candy: Jenna Haze has made her directorial debut. In honor of that, Here is a great gallery featuring Ms. Haze in action. The review will be posted later today.

Toy Reviews: You guys are going to love the new additions to the toy review staff. In addition to Housewife Kelly who will be doing a whole new batch of reviews soon. (And use the toys for cam shots and scenes on her web site.), we have two new reviewers who will sending stuff this week. You already know them of course, but now you will know what kind of sex toys make their kitties purr. I am hesitant to mention them in case things fall through, but I am confident they won’t so here goes. Our two newest toy reviewers are NoName Jane (Who used to go by a name we can’t mention with the initials VB) and Taryn Thomas. Both women have a big box of toys to get through, but we will be hearing form them soon. There is also a really good chance that you will be able to see them using the toys on their sites. We’re also working on something special that I don’t want to jinx so you will just have to tune in and see.

Eye Candy: Here is a look at both new toy reviewers. First Jane takes a huge black dick and then Taryn Thomas gets herself off.

DVD Gaffe: I have pretty much left politics off of the table since the election. (There was that one long stimulus post, but I haven’t even gone back to point out how much worse things have gotten since then. I believe in giving any new President a chance and Obama is my President. He deserves my respect and support. However, he is also open to criticism. The people around him are also open to criticism and in a few cases lately, they deserve nothing but scorn and ridicule. Some of you followed the story of Obama’s first meeting with British PM Gordon Brown. As is tradition, Brown met the US President with armload of priceless gifts with great historic significance. A pen set carved from the wood from the HMS Gannet, the sister ship of the anti-slaving ship HMS Resolute , the framed commission for the HMS Resolute (The same ship that provided the wood for the Resolute Desk in the White House) and a first edition Churchill biography. In return the new President gave Brown 25 American DVDs. I didn’t write about that because I had other things to do and because I honestly don’t blame Obama for this. Does anyone really think that the President goes shopping for gifts? He has someone do these things for him and we can only assume that he has some sort of final say. Today I got an email from my brother in law with a link to the following story. Not only did our President give the PM DVDs as a gift, but he gave him DVD’s that can’t be played in Great Britain. Come on. There are people working for Obama who are supposed to be on top of these things. Did it not occur to ANY of them that A. DVDs make a nice Christmas gift for you favorite uncle, but are not appropriate for a first meeting between a President and a PM and B. That US DVDs won’t play in region 2? Once again I am not going to slam our President for this. Someone on his team dropped the ball and that someone should have his or her ass fired. How did they get a job at the White House to begin with? And just for fun, imagine what would have happened to George W. Bush if someone on his staff has made such a stupid blunder.

Eye Candy: Video clips from Courtney Cummz shows off her ass. Free trail available on that site.

Fantasy Baseball: It is that time of year again. There are a few openings in the two fantasy baseball leagues. We are trying to draft Sunday so if you want to play let me know and I will send you an invite.

Eye Candy: What a way to end a blog. The always gorgeous jessica drake sucking a big hard dick.

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