Natasha Nice from

Natasha Nice from

Natasha Nice from


19 Mins
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Gloryhole, Cheating, Big Cock, Big Tits, Natural Tits, Anal Sex
STARS: Natasha Nice


Sexy wife Natasha Nice heads to the porn shack and tells her man that she is out of Mimosas with the girls. The clerk shows her the interracial section of the store and guides her back to a private viewing booth. Getting comfortable she just gets her top off for some smut viewing when her man calls to check up on her. A cock pops through the hole and she is shocked, but also excited. Dropping to her knees, she playfully licks it and talks to the stranger through the wall. Natasha looks super sexy in her jeans and heels with her natural boobs swaying as she sucks him harder and deeper.

Natasha gets a call from her man, but gets rid of him quickly so she can go back to sucking that nice big dick. Her clothes come allowing her to rub her pussy as well as letting her boobs swing while she plays with new meat. Natasha keeps getting calls, but she talks to him with her mouth full and gets rid of him quickly. She bends over and backs up on it, showing off her legs and talking about how big it is, how much bigger than her husband’s and how much she loves it. Not content with just two hole cheating, she guides him into her ass. It’s a tight fit for both his dick and the camera, but Natasha takes it well and we get pretty decent footage of the anal fun. She takes his load all over her pretty face, then takes another call from her unsuspecting hubby. We then get several minutes of footage as she gets dressed. It’s kind of filler, but also very sexy because Natasha looks just as good in her clothes as she does out of them.

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