Outland I

Outland I


139 Mins
DIRECTOR: Bobby Peru
THEMES: Feature, Mind Control, Western, Steam punk, Rough Sex, Prostitutes, Outdoor Sex
STARS: Dahlia Sky, Tiffany Doll, Alexis Crystal, Evan Stone, Nacho Vidal, Max Cortes, Cathy Haven, Silvia Rubi, Rob Diesel,


This is one of the best looking movies from 2016. I first reviewed it when I was voting for awards. I had so many to go through then that I didn’t get a chance to give it the full treatment. With a sequel out and another nomination (2017 XRCO Awards) I figures it was time to review it properly.

Outland is one of my favorite movies from 2016. It has a look and feel that is really special. It is kind of a steam punk western with a dark twist. Nacho Vidal plays a truly evil character with the ability to control the minds of others. He uses this power to enslave a town and of course, fuck a lot. This leaves some in the town looking for an escape. The movie gets off to a really dark start with a cold blooded murder in the middle of the street. From there, it takes a while to take off sexually. The opening scene is so brutal that the first sex scene just seems wrong. Not wrong in a good way, just wrong. Thankfully Alexis Crystal comes back later for something a little less disturbing. Evan Stone is the man tasked with stopping Nacho. He has a farewell fuck with Dahlia Sky that is hot if you happen to find her appealing. By the time the third scene hits, things finally get going sexually. Hot hooker Cathy Haven makes jail cell sex look good and the action finally catches up to the style and story. Tiffany Doll stars in an outdoor three-way that is really sex. It fits the story and feel while also providing outstanding smut. Alexis is back for the finale. She and Silvia Rubi take turns on the receiving end of some really hard fucking by Nacho. I like this scene even though it really isn’t the sort of thing I would usually be impressed by. It works here. And what’s more, the scene leaves me ready to see what comes next in the story. Thankfully I have the second movie right here and will be reviewing it next week. Don’t miss this movie. It is a very creative, hot feature.

Alexis Crystal & Nacho Vidal

After watching Nacho kill her father and her sister in the streets, Alexis Crystal has to do whatever he says. That’s a rather disturbing way to start a movie actually. A little pussy licking and she looks like she has forgiven him. (She is under some kind of trance) After some quick head, she spreads her legs to reveal a perfectly shaved kitty that is as out of place in this setting as Nacho’s Bane mask. She gets top, wearing just her knee-high stockings and holds her legs high in the air while he bangs her. The actually threatens to kill her during the end of a mid-scene blowjob. Beyond the clearly disturbing nature of this scene, it is pretty forgettable. He fucks her from behind for a long time. Part of the time she is bent over some wooden cage thing and then they go at it on the bed for way too long. He finally cums on her face ending a scene that sets the stage for something unnerving and unique.

Dahlia Sky & Evan Stone

Knowing that he must go face evil head on, Evan Stone promises Dahlia Sky that he will return. Just to make sure, she wants a final boff for the road. It takes him a little white to get through her many layers of clothes to get her sweet furry patch. He works his cock into her and she seems to enjoy his long strokes just fine. She says partially clothed through the encounter, including her big black boots. (Probably in part to his her ink and give her more of an old west wifey vibe.) She sucks his cock for a while and then rolls onto her side to let him back in. They go for anal in RCA and then with the blonde bent over and her boobs shaking as his balls slap her pussy. He pulls out and shoots on her face, forcing his cock down her throat for the final few drops. This scene is nicely shot, but not anything special. This may be partially due to the fact that I’ve never been overly crazy about Dahlia. She’s fine, but this one does more to move the plot along than turn me on.

Cathy Haven & Max Coates

Sheriff Max Coats has not responded well to watching his daughter murdered in the street. He has found solace in a big bottle that he finishes off while watching over a jailed prostitute. Lost in despair he goes into the cell and offers to let her out if she lets him fuck her. Sure, this seems like a decent way to grieve. Stripping down to her garter and stockings, she gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock. This woman is truly skilled. She takes him to the root with long, full strokes and goes back for more like it’s nothing at all. Cathy is a little prettier than the first two women as well. He lifts her onto the desk and goes right for anal, totally skipping her perfectly smooth pussy as gets right to the action. (No fair making remarks about the shaved boxes and tats without pointing out that Cathy here has a some time-travling tits that would really have been medical marvels in the old west.) He holds her hips and tugs on her hair while fucking her from behind. This is good stuff though it might have been tightened up a bit. He finally pulls out and shoots all over her ass.

Tiffany Doll, Evan Stone & Rob Diesel

On the way to fight the great evil, Rob and Evan are kidnapped by a tribe of cannibals. They are about to kill their captives when a guy comes in and works out some kind of deal. Instead of being killed and eaten, Rob and Evan get to have a hot three-way with Tiffany Doll who is covered in white powered from head to toe. She opens side and takes first one cock and then the other. She does a very nice job in standing doggy with one dick buried in her throat while the other slams repeatedly into her pussy. They get themselves into position to DP here and she takes to that quite well. I love the outdoor action and the way this scene is lit and paced. They both shoot loads onto her waiting face.

Alexis Crystal, Silvia Rubi & Nacho Vidal

Alexis Crystal is still a prisoner and the hypnosis has worn off. She is very frightened and locked in a cage. Tattooed bad girl Silvia Rubi comes in and tells Alexis that she will be nice to her if the scared girl returns the favor. They make out through the cage with Alexis whimpering in fear and pleasure as she feels fingers exploring her flesh. Nacho comes in and isn’t very happy to see Silvia playing with his toy. He feeds his cock through the cage and has Alexis sucking it as best she can. He lets Silvia take over to teach the poor girl how to properly work a big dick down her throat. Using both of them at once, Nacho takes control and delivers the goods. He takes Alexis out of the cage and fucks her from behind. This time around she shows a lot more energy and I think the addition of Silvia just really makes things hotter. The girls eat each other as well as being fucked, making sure that everyone is hot and happy. Having learned her lessons well, Alexis is now ready to rides in reverse cowgirl (with her stockings still in place) like she really loves it. Somehow they get into some really hard fucking on that wooden floor. Doesn’t look too comfortable, but they never miss a beat. He finally pulls out and shoots all over Silvia’s face before leaving them to clean up the mess.


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