Stepdad Seduction

Stepdad Seduction


130 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Toni Ribas
THEMES: Stepfather, Stepdaughter, Anal Sex, Tease
STARS: Elsa Jean, Joseline Kelly, Kendall Kayden, Renee Roulette,


Everyone loves a bad girl. Toni Ribas is no exception. In this movie, he likes bad girls who are related to the objects of their lusty obsessions. That’s right, these babes like their stepfathers and will not stop until they have scored a little love at home. The four girls in this movie are cute, sexually adventurous and ready to get down and dirty. The scenes are set up with a short interview, followed by the tales of step-cest that are sexy, well shot and quite hot. Joseline Kelly is a bad girl who doesn’t like it when her mother punishes her. She gets her revenge by seducing her stepfather. Very hot scene and a great opening effort. For sexy little Elsa Jean, fucking her stepfather is just as normal as can be. She has to try really hard to get him to the same point however. The tease montage is really well done and then the sex scene is fantastic. This is one of the hottest scenes I have seen recently and Elsa is one of the best performers out there. Kendall Kayden has a secret crush on her stepdad. When she gets bold, he responds in kind and they find plenty of fun ways to spend time together. The “daddy” talk is heavy in this scene so if that is your thing, don’t miss this one. For the finale, Toni has Renee Roulette as a stepdaughter who loves to get fucked in the ass. She and Step-dad already have a blistering hot sexual relationship, so ass fucking just ramps it up to the next level. This is a great movie if you like the stepdaughter play. It is typical hot as all Evil Angel and Toni Ribas movies tend to be with well shot sex, good energy and hot girls. Elsa Jean was my favorite, but check out Kendall Kayden, she is a real cutie.

Joseline Kelly & John Strong

Things start out hot when Joseline Kelly announces that she is horny all the time. Well watching her slowly strip out of her panties kind of puts me in the same state. She tells a story of how her mom grounded her so she had to find her own fun. Putting on some music, she danced around her room and even masturbated. Deciding she needs more, Joseline sets up a video camera and pretends to be hurt so that her stepfather will come in to tend to her. It does not take her long to convince him to stay in the bedroom and play with her. They kiss as he slowly undresses the cute, all natural young thing. Dropping to her knees she grabs his cock and starts sucking. John appreciates the blowjob and returns the favor, licking that pretty little kitty until she moans loudly. When she is good and wet he slaps her clit with his cock and then slides it right on in. Joseline leans back and takes it like a good girl, holding her perky tits in her hands while he pumps her. They get into spoon and she puts one leg up high while rubbing herself silly. I like the ass shots when she gets on top. John grabs her cheeks and lets her ride like a good bad girl. He flips her over and fucks her from behind again. Great body shots and outstanding energy make this a hot and nasty scene. In the end, she hops off the bed and takes his load right on her pretty face. I think she is going to get whatever she wants from now on.

Elsa Jean & Toni Ribas

Adorable Elsa Jean thinks that it’s totally normal for girls to fuck their stepfathers. She tells us about the first time it happened for her. Mom was away on a business trip and Toni tries to resist. There is a cute little montage of him turning her down as she gets more and more desperate. He finally has to spank her which of course only gives the hot blond exactly what she wants. Toni spanks her ass and then fingers her hot little pussy. Taking out his cock, he gives his naughty stepdaughter something to suck on. Elsa is so pretty and really fits this role perfectly. When she isn’t sucking, Elsa lays down the daddy talk really thick. She straddles his lap facing the camera and drops her hot body onto his pole. The doggy looks really good and then they ramp things up in spoon. Toni fucks her from behind and then adds some fingers her tight pussy at the same time. The best shots of the scene come with Elsa riding in cowgirl. She shows off her ass which looks as good here as I have ever seen it, and really grinds then bounces on his meat. Very, very hot stuff. They finish this sexy romp with Elsa on her knees where Toni can spray a nice big wad of liquid love on his naughty stepdaughter. This scene is worth the price of the DVD and yet another reason why Elsa Jean was absolutely the hottest new girl of 2016 no matter what the awards say.

Kendall Kayden & Ramon Nomar

Cutie Kendall Kayden has a secret crush on her stepfather. She plays with the edge of her robe as she starts telling us how the teases him to try and get his attention. Stripping down and rubbing her pretty little shaved pussy, she invites him into bed with her. The daddy talk is thick as she whispers naughty things to him and he lets his hands explore her lovely body. He slips his fingers into her and licks her pussy with great enthusiasm. By the time she gets his cock out, Kendall is all warmed up and ready to show daddy how good her mouth is. She looks adorable on her knees and takes his fat cock into her mouth. Kendall isn’t going to win a deep throat contest, but she has good energy, is super cute and plays her part perfectly. The result is a very sexy blowjob from a girl who looks ready to be fucked. She gets on top and shows off her ass in cowgirl, stopping to suck him clean, call him daddy and then spin around to face the camera. This position is super easy on the eyes as she bucks hard enough to make her perky breasts dance beautifully. Flipping her over, Ramon fucks her tight hole until she squeals. Then fingers it and lets her taste her sweet juices. I really like Kendall’s enthusiasm and her body is really gorgeous. He teases her ass and finishes off with a big load on that cute face. Watch out for Kendall Kayden, she’s a hottie.

Renee Roulette & Toni Ribas

Young Renee Roulette gets right to the point. She tells us that she loves getting fucked in the ass. Well, that’s a conversation starter. It wasn’t always this way however. It started one morning with her mom off at work and her stepdad (Toni Ribas) staring at her ass during a post sex shower. This gives them both an idea. They get into bed for round two and the skinny cutie gets her mouth stuffed with daddy dick in no time. He rolls her over and goes right into the tight little asshole. After just a few strokes she is taking him to the root and rubbing her clit while he slams her. Toni flips her legs up and slaps her clit. That seems to set something off in Renee who starts screaming in ecstasy. This little spinner likes riding high and opens that ass right up. After some great anal action, she decides it needs to go back into her pussy for a rousing round of vag. As much as she loves that, she sticks her little ass up in the air and gets ass fucked one more time. They finish up with a shot on her face. Now we can see how Renee learned to love it in the backdoor,

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