Blog: Caption Contest. Obama’s First Week & New Book on John Holmes


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Blog: Caption Contest & Obama’s First Week
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AEE Gallery: Caption Contest: I have my 2009 AEE Photo Gallery up on the site. Take a look and enjoy some fun shots of Asa Akira, Andi Anderson, Jesse Jane and others. I hope you like the pictures and this year we have added a twist. I still have some copies of Pirates 2 to give away so we’re running a caption contest. So take a look at the gallery and email or post (Caption Contest Thread) your suggested captions in. I will gather the best and we can have a fan voting poll to dermine the winners. We can go for funny, sexy or best categories and I have some other prizes to add. Pirates 2 DVDs, hats, T-Shirts and other fun stuff.

Eye Candy: Super hot London Keyes is making a splash. Here she is showing off her tight teen body.

Politics: I’ve had a lot of people ask what I thought of the inauguration and the first few days of the Obama Administration. In a nutshell, I didn’t watch the inauguration. No big deal, I don’t think I’ve watched one in my life. I don’t really see the point. I don’t watch the Rose Parade or the Academy Awards either. I know it was historically significant, but this was just a three-day party. I’m more concerned with what the new President does from here out. His first week? Not bad, not great. I’d call it a mixed first week based on the three ‘major’ moves. More on those further down.

Eye Candy: Oso Lovely has a great face and a super hot ass. Here she is showing off all 40 inches plus of that fantastic ass.

Geithner: The Timothy Geithner situation is a mess. I don’t blame Obama for this, but that guy has to go. I’m sorry, but you can’t blatantly cheat on your taxes and then be in charge of the IRS. If Clinton’s first two choices for AG were disqualified for relatively minor immigration violations (Remember they both had illegal immigrant nanny issues) then Geithner should withdraw his name. Janine is going to be locked up for six months for not paying her taxes. She wasn’t given the chance to say “oooops” and pay them back. I know that Obama doesn’t want to force him to pull his name, but if he really wants to show us the he won’t put up with this crap that is exactly what he would do. Short of that, everyone should be given a one year amnesty period. During this time anyone who owes taxes may pay them back with no penalty. We can call it the Geithner Doctrine.

Trash TV: I spent an hour on the couch this weekend watching Rock of Love Tour Bus (After watching the Celtics dismantle the Mavs) and I just have to laugh. I eat this sad stuff up, but I’m starting to wonder. I used to laugh at how silly some of these women are for chasing after an aging has-been. Now I’m starting to almost feel sorry for Brett Michaels (And Flava Flav and eventually Ray J) Every time I hear him talk about “emotional connection” or say “that’s how I roll” I just find myself thinking….really? This is how you bring back your glory years? By making pathetic would-be strippers and groupies act like soulless cock monkeys for two seconds of fame? Then again, look at some of these women. This year’s porn entry was Brittany Star who used to have a fairly well known line of pro-am movies. In the four episodes or so she lasted she managed to remind everyone that porn stereotypes and clich├ęs are in place for a reason. She was a needy, whiny twit who couldn’t wait to show the world the “real” her while practically begging for Bret’s affection. She managed to make racially insensitive remarks, anger all of the other girls, hoard food and steal the other girls’ socks. (Yeah we never did figure that one out.) Why in the world can’t they find a halfway normal porn girl for one of these shows? Oh wait, any halfway normal girl wouldn’t be on a show where the prize is a chance to be some bald, over the hill, one hour wonders one night stand. And yet I’ll still watch, every single time. It’s like fucking crack.

Eye Candy: Two is Better than One. Ashli & Kaci share some huge meat.

New Abortion Regulations: Another of Obama’s high profile moves was to change abortion funding regulations. In the great battle between the Pro-Life at any cost nutters and the hyper-charged loons in the abortion cartel, I have learned to take the logical path away from both insane groups. These silly regulations change with each President and when they do we get the same “The Sky Is Falling/Hooray We Have Overcome” rhetoric. These are window dressing to please whichever nutty group the new President is pandering to and in the end what changes? Did the Bush regulations cause a drop in abortions? Did they save lives? Did women die in back alleys because of them? Now that Obama has turned the switch back will there be more abortions? Safer abortions? No. It just funnels more money into the abortion lobby and means that Planned Parenthood and other groups will have to do less fund raising for a while. On the other side, it gives pro life groups something more to bitch about while we all avoid the real problems. So this is a big fat who cares non-issue that the water carriers can cheer and the foes can hand wring over.

Eye Candy: Cute as can be Tanner Mays gets a Cumshot Surprise.

Toy Reviews Coming: I just sent off another two boxes of toys for review. Why is that important? Well, I sent them off to a couple of really hot women. The first box went to Kelly of She has done some great reviews for us in the past and has even used the toys during shoots for her web site. I’m hoping she will do even more. The second box went just a few miles up the road to Andi Anderson. ( Already one of porn’s hottest girls, Andi was one of the RogReviews Critic’s Choice winners for Best Newbie in 2008. Now she’s going to give us her take on some great new sex toys from Doc Johnson and Topco. With any luck we might get some pictures from Andi and she might even use some toys during web cam shows. Enjoy the reviews and I know the ladies would enjoy some feeback.

Eye Candy: You know that Jessica Bangkok was sexy, but did you know she could deep throat like a champ?

Gitmo: This is the one thing Obama did that actually matters this week. He is fulfilling a promise to the base and he did it with a keen sense of political reality. By not announcing any official policy on how to deal with the suspected terrorists being released from Gitmo he leaves things open for future changes. This was still a major shift in US policy on terrorists. We have flipped the switch from treating these people as enemy combatants to treating them like criminals. Though people are hailing this as “change” it’s really just a shift back to the way things were done during the Clinton Administration. I don’t know how I feel about this switch, but I do think it is something we should have a national dialog about. Unfortunately 9/11 made it impossible to discuss rationally. Any attempt to examine the Clinton (and now Obama) policy is seen as an attempt to place “blame” for 9/11 at Clinton’s feet. I have no interest in doing that, but I think that we should carefully examine how we treat terror suspects. Is it a good idea to turn these people over to civil courts like drug dealers? Is it fair to hold them in military prisons? There are legitimate arguments on both sides, but no one wants to have them. Unfortunately Gitmo has become as meaningless and rhetoric filled “abortion regulations” with people just cheering for one side or another. So how do I feel about Obama’s move? Totally depends on what he does from here. If he really hands these people over to civilian courts then he had better be prepared to take the heat when one of these guys finds a stupid jury and ends up on the streets to blow up a school.

Eye Candy: Teen Euro-babe Jenna is hot. She is even hotter with a big dick inside of her.

New Book: Some of you already know that there is a new John Holmes book out. (John Holmes, a Life Measured in Inches) I got a copy and have polished off the first couple of chapters. I’m also going to do a couple of interviews with the authors starting with one this week. If any of you have any questions you would like me to include, shoot them over and I will add them to the interview. It’s an interesting read so far and I would recommend you pick it up if you are at all interested in the history of porn. More to come.

Eye Candy: Busty blonde Riley Evans has it all, great tits, a great ass and she’s flexible as a gymnast.

Political Wrap-Up: So in case you missed it, I’m neither incredibly impressed, disappointed or at all surprised by the first week of Obama’s presidency. The abortion stuff is just more of the same and I don’t care either way. I blame Geithner for his tax problems and for not dropping out and the Gitmo thing is still up in the air. There are a lot of serious issues to be addressed and I hope that the new president has a great deal of success in dealing with them. Now if he would just get busy reversing the 2257 regulations and extending the Bush tax cuts I’ll be happy as can be.

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