Response To The R.a.m.e. Thread


I am on my way out for vaction, but there was one interesting response to the thread.

Loomis Writes: The important distinction is that yours is indeed a fan site. You claim no
affiliation with the industry, and therefore it must be assumed that your
opinions are just that, YOUR OPINIONS.
If you wrote for a mainstream movie site, and you just didn’t buy Ashley
Judd as a top biochemist in a film, that of course would be reflected in
your review. Sexual attraction should be no different. If someone finds a
male or female performer in the adult world to be less than attactive or
unenthusiastic, that feeling should also affect the grade given. To call
this type of thing “non-objective” is utterly ludicrous.
Let’s say that you were a food critic who despised almonds and pecans.
Would it be fair to criticize you because you rated an almond-pecan ice
cream lower than another that more closely fit your preferences?
You also prefer non-slow-motion money shots (and who doesn’t). Does that
make your opinion less valid?
Of course not, and to suggest otherwise is a bunch of horseshit. Porn, like
other forms of entertainment, is subjective. How many Academy Awards go to
action or other genre-oriented films? Should your highest rating go to a
porn that has gap-toothed zombies involved in the sexplay? I should think

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