2009 AVN Awards: A Report from Christopher

2009 AVN Awards Show

Christopher Gets His First Taste of the AVN Awards

Hey everyone. I left Vegas on Saturday to attend a performance at my son’s school. That meant I had to miss out on the AVN Awards again this year. As luck would have it, two friends of my Christopher and Courtney got to go. This was their first time at AEE and their first chance to see the AVN Awards live. Nice guy that he is, Christopher was kind enough to do a write up. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Christopher and good luck today my friend.

Christopher Writers

Here is a quick blog about my experience at the AVN Awards…
Being that it was our first AVN awards experience, Courtney and I
arrived at Mandalay Bay early at about 7pm. As we walked through the
hotel towards the events center, you could tell that there was already
quite a buzz going on. There were lots and lots of onlookers (some 3-4
people deep) lined up near the events center lobby, trying to get a
glimpse of any and all pornstars that would make their way through. We
got in through the first staging area with some people in the industry, but were denied entrance to the red carpet area by some very tight security. Even some porn stars were not allowed access to the red carpet area without proper credentials. Even still, just being in the main lobby staging area gave you a chance to rub shoulders with many adult stars such as Sean Michaels, Nicki Hunter, and Kelly Madison just to name a few.

Once inside the events center, you realize just how large of a
production this show is going to be. Lots and lots of tables fill the
floor area, as well as about 10 rows of seats right up in front of the
stage. Then you also have the two higher sections that wrap around the
arena. 3 huge TV screens lit up the back of the stage. The show started
a little late with party-goers arriving late. Once the show was going, I would say the place was about 75% full, especially full on the floor.
Highlights of the show…
Flo Rida starts the show with his hit song (from over a year ago) “Low”.

porn stars dance in their seats. nice.
Co-hosts Belladonna and Jenna Haze look amazing! although Belladonna
chose some strange outfits to wear. Jenna was absolutely stunning!
There were some great vignettes that were shown on the big screens
between award presentations. Especially the “Cock-wow!” bit that was
done by Voodoo. It is an extremely funny (and well made) parody of that
infomercial “Sham-wow!” If you have never seen the infomerical it is
still very funny. But if you have seen the “Sham-wow” infomercial, then
it is 100x funnier! Check it out on the AVN 2009 DVD or maybe even
you-tube it.
Another great vignette showed Evan Stone and Tommy Gunn playing
“pirates” in a small bath tub together with plastic toys. hilarious.
Even Sasha Grey makes a cameo and plays along with them in the tub. It
was great to see them poke fun at themselves and keep the humor up.
One more vignette that is worth noting is the “porn federal bailout”.
Very funny bit that mixed in clips with real congressmen. Shyla Stylez
was the most recognizable one in the video. With some great audio
editing, this was one of the funnier short videos.
James Deen winning “male performer of the year” and surprisingly not
being on the floor when it happened! It was a huge win for him
considering who he was going up against. and for him to win it, and not
able to accept his award in front of everyone was a huge shock! One of
his friends came up and tried to stall while people searched for him to
get him on stage, but to no avail, and she accepted the award for him.
A cool tribute to the US troops with strippers/dancers dressed in
military gear and they put on a dance performance and the national
anthem was sung midway through the show.
Flo Rida comes back out to sing his other hit song “Ayer Ayer” and
everyone decides to come up on stage and dance. chaos ensues. Flavor
Flav and T-Pain and about 200 hundred other people dance on the stage.
Pirates 2 wins alot of awards.
Jessica Drake wins “female actress of the year” for “Fallen”. I
guess it is her 3rd time winning the award. congrats to her. Maybe it is time I check out “Fallen”
Lex Steele and Tera Patrick get inducted in the AVN hall of fame (or its equivalent), I think.
Jenna Haze wins “female performer of the year”. A most deserving award.
She says she loves what she does and can’t wait to make next year even
better. She finishes her speech with “I haven’t even begun to show you
how much more sluttiness I have in me”. Good lord. Please do.
Larry Flynt comes out in his wheelchair (with big gold rims!) and
delivers a brief speech. He talked about the current status of the adult industry and the economy. He summed it up pretty good… “we must
continue to produce and deliver exceptional adult movies. If we do that, this business, and those that are associated with it, will be fine. Hear Hear Larry!
Pirates 2 wins the big award in the end. the whole cast comes up on
stage to accept the award, and then the NEVER ENDING list of winners
that were not shown on the show are announced. Seriously. it went on

One more note… as the show came to an end. Co-hosts Belladonna and
Jenna Haze came out to close the show and say thank you to everyone.
Then they both lean over the podium and share a hot kiss! What a


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