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Interviews in Las Vegas

Come See Me in Booth 2093

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the end of another fantastic year and have some wonderful holiday plans around the corner. It’s that time of year again. Vegas is upon us and that means interviews. I would love to schedule as many as possible while I’m at the AEE show so I’m sending out this email to try and set things up. I know we can’t always schedule exact times, but if I know who to see then I can definitely plan my time better.

Those of you who will be in a booth, let me know where and when so I can stop by. If you represent talent or have a booth, let me know where to stop by or let’s set up times with your talent. We can schedule an interview that works with your signing schedule or we can set something up elsewhere. Normally that means finding a quiet spot near the snack bar, but this year I have something better in mind.

This year I will be spending a most of my time at booth 3095. I am sharing it with some folks who are premiering a new adult site and mobile service at AAE. They have generously made room in the booth for me to set up camp there for interviews. It will be a nice comfortable place to sit down and should have a soundproof booth for us to get a good interview.

The site is called and features adult audio recordings in all of the same categories as adult video sites. It’s the world’s first multi-platform audio porn service and at AAE they will be running an “Audio Orgasm” contest with the winner getting a $1,000 check. While you’re in the booth, feel free to give it your best shot. It’s quick and easy. Just go into the soundproof booth and record your best fake audio orgasm. They are also looking to hire girls on an ongoing basis to create AudioXXX recordings for their site, and you can get details there if you are interested.

So any of you who are free to move about on the floor, aren’t signing in a booth or want to do an interview when you aren’t signing, let’s set it up there. Those of you who represent talent, I will be in the booth most of the time so we can set it up for them just about any time.

Email or call me to let me know if you will be there, where you will be and if you are interested in doing an interview. My number is at the bottom of this email so call any time and I’ll add you, or your clients to my list of “must visit” talent. If you can make it to the booth, that would be the best, but obviously I can work with what you need.

Thanks and Happy Holidays


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