Rock Candy 2 in 1 Kit: Amethyst

Rock Candy 2 in 1 Kit: Amethyst (Reviewed by Savana Switzer)

Overall rating: A

Name: Topco Rock Candy 2-in-1 Kit (Amethyst)

Reviewer: Savana Switzer

Type of Toy: Multi-speed, sleeved Vibrator.


Bottom Line: When you can’t get the real thing, the Rock Candy offers up a great alternative.

Price: $26.99 at

Manufacturer: Topco Sales

Size: 6¾” long, 3¼” around.

Material: Hard plastic with removable Jel-Lee sleeve.

Best For: Penetration.

Review: A

So, I’ve been out of the game for a while due to finals at school and a few instances where I had to prove I deserve my scholarship. And since I seemed to be getting screwed on the academic front, why not try to get some actual pleasure out of the arrangement I have with Rog (unlimited sex toys, not diamonds, are a girls’ best friend, especially in difficult times) and relax in the process? I’ll worry about the carpal tunnel in a few years.

I picked the Rock Candy because I liked the idea of giving my vibrator a more realistic feel. When you’ve gone as long as I have without getting any, you sort of forget what it feels like, and a tangible reminder goes a long way. So I wedged the vibrator into the sleeve, reclined against my satin sheets in my most favorite Rog Rules tank, and rotated the switch to the first low setting.

The radiating vibrations were pleasurable and sent a decent tingle inside of me. Satisfied and in the mood for more aggressive foreplay, I increased the speed and moved the Rock in and out with more determination. I found myself amazed at how easily the Rock glided inside, especially since the shaft is contoured not to be straight and cylindrical (like many vibrators) but with a life-like curve. Additionally, the sculpted balls increased the enjoyment. They perfectly re-created the sensation of friction (as best I can recall, anyway) and further stimulated my almost half-crazed mind, making an orgasm that much more inevitable.

Quite frankly, I’m a woman who enjoys fantasy, but I like actual sex more. That means that despite the absolutely amazing, mind-blowing orgasms I can sustain through toy play, I would gladly take up an offer for the real thing over any number of bullets, Jackrabbits and remote-controlled vibrators stowed away in my toy box.

However, since it appears like it might be a while before I’m going to find myself on the receiving end of some absolutely amazing, mind-blowing orgasms caused by sex, the Rock Candy is a nice alternative. It is realistic enough without ruining the fantasy, which is the whole point behind having sex toys anyway—who doesn’t feel like some kind of sex god when they’re getting themselves off? I know I do, and if the amount of time my girlfriends spend underneath their covers late at night is any indication, so do they. What could possibly be better than having an orgasm and feeling like creation’s gift to the sex world?

Absolutely nothing—which is why the Rock Candy is an essential item for any woman’s toy box.

Weaknesses: The sleeve can be difficult to remove.

Batteries Needed: 2 AA Batteries

Clean Up: Soap and Water.

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