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Ron Riggins’ Scorn for the Military

I thought for a while about just deleting this response to my Let’s Say Thanks post. It called for people to visit a free site and send a post card to the troops and I have heard from several of you who did so or who appreciated the gesture. I also posted it on the forum for one of my FFB leagues and got a reply from a guy who never ceases to amaze me. Ron is the sort of guy who like to talk tough, threatening people from behind his screen, lying and basically being an ass clown. Still I was shocked when he through out the following reply to my posting that the men and women in our armed services “deserved” a little love and respect. (Note: Reply at will, but please show more class than Ronnie if you want me to post it.)

Ron Riggins Posted

They deserve it, because they chose to enlist and leave their families and children behind to go and fight in the name of lining politician’s pockets!!!??? I feel bad for the kids and don’t give me, they fight for our freedom(that was the revolutionary war!), cause that’s not true, we’re a democracy anyway, always have, always will be!

In short Ron, YES. They deserve it because they “chose to enlist and their families and children behind.” That is EXACTLY why they deserve our respect, admiration and a little bit of love during the holiday season. I know that basic logic and common decency are beyond you, but you just implied that the only war for “our freedom” was the (sic) revolutionary war. Ummmmm, wrong. Whatever convoluted political point you are trying to make is buried behind a lack of class, a thesis statement that makes no sense (“we’re a democracy anyway, always have, always will be” What does that have to do with sending troops postcards?) We all feel bad for their kids and their spouses and their parents. They are out there fighting for ALL of us and if you don’t think they deserve five seconds of your time to send a post card, then the least you can do is shut the fuck up and spit so much scorn towards people who are putting their lives on the line for you and your kids. As I said in my original post on the board, doing this requires only a few seconds and a little bit of class. Clearly you have proven that you have neither.


It seems that Ronnie found the need to throw gas on the first. Shortly after his original post he made these remarks in an attempt to clarify his original point.

Ron Riggins Writes:

As you, Roger, sit behind your computer thinking you’ve done enough by posting random irrelevant messages in regards to what’s going on over there!? …I have a son and now a beautiful daughter, who I’d never ever leave by enlisting in the service to go fight a war that lines the pockets of MORONS like George Bush! Love thy family, take care of them first! If I had no children and not much contact with family, I’d be all about serving BUT fortunately for me, I do! Guys like YOU, should be over there Rog! Guys that have no life, no family life and no one else gives a damn about! You go fight… I’ll be here, loving and taking care of MY FAMILY!!!

Well gee Ron, thanks for making it clear. First, I NEVER said posting this was “enough” but it’s something. I don’t consider an act of kindness “irrelevant” but then again, I felt the troops deserved respect and you flat out said that they don’t. Then here you seem to imply that those who have enlisted are somehow doing their families’ a disservice. You wouldn’t enlist because you have two children. Fair enough, but now you’re faced with only two logical conclusions to your statements. A. Some people DO enlist in spite of loved ones at home because they believe in serving something greater than themselves. Since those people have a sense of sacrifice greater than yours, they must deserve respect for that, right? Since you already said they don’t, then perhaps B is true. B. You are somehow morally superior to these people who do serve and your implication is that you love your family MORE than they do. You said that if you had no one, you would enlist, but because you have kids you wouldn’t. So which is it? Do they deserve respect or scorn? I vote for the former while you are dishing up a steaming plate of the latter.
As for the personal shots at me, well that’s just typical you isn’t it Ron? This coming from the same guy who threatened me more than once and yet won’t take my address when I offer it. Of course in your rush to slam me you implied that only people with no life and no family are actually serving, fighting and dying. Dude I could introduce you to a few dozen people who would shove that misguided bullshit right back into your piehole. And yeah, no one gives a damn about me. I have no family and no family life? Brother, I have two kids who I see EVERY DAY. I love them plenty and I even love their mother. You can say all you want about me. I’ve heard much worse from much better people, but instead of insulting people who have a sense of commitment why don’t you show a little respect or the tiniest bit of class.


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