Election Day: No Playboy Radio Tonight. Working the Polls


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Election Day

Working the Polls

There is a stripper joke there, but I’m too tired to make it. For Election Day I will be at the local polling place for your basic 15 hour day. I’ve added a few new reviews including Alexis Texas Buttwoman that is fucking hot, and some fun little Youtube video I hope you enjoy.
There won’t be a Night Calls review tonight because I don’t think the Registrar of Voters would be too thrilled with me discussing double anal while I’m helping someone fill out a provisional ballot. We’ll get to Pirates 2 next week, just in time to take a look at the movie on Blu-Ray.
Don’t forget to register to vote in the RRFF polls. I’m also taking nominations so send me a list of your favorites ASAP.
No matter who you plan to vote for, go out and vote. Be proud, be positive and remember that no matter how much crap we sling at each other, our Government will change hands without a single shot being fired. For all of our many faults, we should be most proud of this.


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