Reader Email: Million Dollar Idea


Reader Email: Million Dollar Idea

Les Has a Plan to Make Me Rich

Les always has something interesting to say and now he has a way to make me a very, very wealthy man. If only I had the technical know-how to put his plan into action. Anyone want to open a business with me? I’m all for this idea.

Les Writes:

Here’s an idea that will allow you to retire early and relax. Someone should create a filter for dvd’s and computers that will remove the male voices from porn. How much fun would it be to watch porn without hearing some ape repeating “oh my god, take it you whore” over and over for 30 minutes.

Les, once again you have hit the nail on the head. Such a device would be a million dollar idea and a Godsend for porn loving pervs the world over. We could call it the “Meat Puppet Male Chatter Filter” and attach it all porn friendly devices. Great idea!

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