Preacher’s Daughter

Preacher’s Daughter

179 Mins
DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong
THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Romance, Prostitutes,
STARS: Mia Malkova, Alexis Fawx. Mercedes Carrera, Jessa Rhodes, Blair Williams, Xander Corvus, Brad Armstrong,


It is the time of year when porn companies break out their trophy bait. All of the big feature projects come out and we get a chance to see what some of the industry’s best directors can do. This is just one of the big Brad Armstrong projects that Wicked is putting out for consideration. Mia Malkova stars in the title role. She is stunning, sexy, vulnerable and truly fantastic. Brad puts himself in the big boy chair as the male lead. Xander Corvus is the troubling bad boy who tries to come between a loving father and his daughter. It’s really good as a complete movie. The script is especially well done. It isn’t often that I kick off a review by praising the story and dialog, but this movie deserves it. It is a worthy story with a beginning, middle and end that even offers a few twists. The dialog is also outstanding. It’s so good in fact, that there are times when they seem to have outkicked their coverage. There are some good performances here, but the source material is so good that it left room to notice when the acting wasn’t quite as good. Sexually the movie has some nice variety. There is a lot of eye candy and some gorgeous outdoor action. There are also a few scenes with a bit of a bit to them. Mia spends a good deal of the movie learning new sexual tricks. We see her blossom from a shy, never been kissed church girl to a shy, throat fucking in the back of a pickup church girl. When Mia isn’t available to bang, Xander gets busy with Jessa Rhodes in one of the sexiest scenes of the movie and Mercedes Carrera. Alexis Fawx and Blair Williams also pop up for some nice romantic eye candy. The sex fits the themes of the movie and is definitely couples-friend stuff. This is a very solid movie with a really good script and it’s a shoe in for a handful of awards by year’s end.

Mia Malkova & Blair Williams

After running into a cute boy in town, Marissa (Mia Malkova) can’t wait to tell her friend Blair Williams all about it. When it turns out that Mia has not has a first kiss, her cute friend offers to teach her. Because this is porn, the kiss quickly progresses to Blair’s hand in side her friend’s shorts and then some full-fledged lesbian loving. Blair gets Mia naked and gently licks her pussy. She responding nicely, learning quickly to love the feel of her friend’s soft tongue strokes on her excited nether regions. Apparently she is a virgin too because she reacts to some gentle finger play like she has never had anything inside of her before. They trade off and Blaire can’t shimmy out of her tight shorts fast enough. She is quite happy to have Mia try out her skills. These two women together make for a lovely bit of eye candy. Mia sticks her ass high in the air and goes in to taste her friend for the first time. It clearly works because Blair loves every lick and stroke from Mia’s probing fingers. They share a kiss and Blair declares her ready for when “the boys come around.”

Mia Malkova & Xander Corvus

It’s a good thing Mia got those lessons, because Xander comes around the next day. They set up a secret date down by the creek. After some snakes and a bit of guitar, she is ready to lay down and let him under her dress. After he eats her pussy, Mia puts her mouth to work. It’s not quite the same as pleasing her friend, but she figures out the whole blowjob thing pretty quickly. With her dress hiked up and pulled down, Mia has that nearly naked look that adds to the fun of a sexy outdoor romp. Her body and face provide a ton of eye candy as she looks up at him with her mouth full of cock. Taking out a condom, she slowly slides it over his meat before pulling her knees up to her chest to take his dick. Once they get a good stroke going, she rolls onto her side and he works deeper into her. The scene is over pretty quickly with Xander pulling off the rubber and shooting all over her neatly trimmed bush.

Alexis Fawx & Brad Armstrong

Worried about their daughter, Alexis and Brad still find time to make their marriage work as a couple. After some serious dialog, they kiss as they slowly get one another out of their pajamas. The pretty blonde is out of breath by the time Brad tosses her panties away and goes in for some oral attention. By the time he stands up, his cock is at full attention. Alexis knows just what to do with a ready tool. After licking the head to get it wen, she grabs the shaft and shoves it into her mouth. Nice looking blowjob and they are both good and ready for her to ride that dick. When she is on top, Alexis moves her hips nicely and shows off a really great ass. He spins her around for a quick round of doggy and then dumps a big load all over her sexy backside. This scene is a nice romantic romp with lots of hot MILF ass shots. It also features a little creep factor at the end that will carry the story for the rest of the flick.

Jessa Rhodes & Xander Corvus

Xander may like a little good girl action, but he isn’t opposed to going back and fucking his sexy ex, Jessa Rhodes. She works the counter at the diner, but isn’t too worried about customers. Whipping out his cock, she drops to her knees and makes sure that he remembers why he liked her so much. Jessa is a very pretty girl who has the truck stop waitress look down here. Xander puts one of her legs up on the counter and fucks that sweet pussy hard from behind. This movie is doing semi-clothed sex really well so far. Jessa has her shoes, bra and skirt still on while they fuck. He turns her around and holds on tight while she rides his lap. Jessa has a hot little ass and is a very energetic little fuck bunny. I really like the frantic enthusiasm they both show as he bangs her on the diner barstool like there is no tomorrow.

Mia Malkova & Xander Corvus

Unable to stay away, Mia goes to see Xander. They go for a drive and she reveals that he was her first. He freaks out a bit, but she wants to be taught all of his tricks. Well, there is an empty truck bed so the lessons are free to begin. After fingering her from behind, Xander puts her in the truck bed and teaches her how to properly suck balls. Mia is still mostly dressed with her feet up against her ass as she sucks him off on her belly. He condoms up and bends her over the tailgate, sliding his cock right into her pussy and fucking her hard. When she mounts up, we get a fantastic view of her amazing ass and it doesn’t get much hotter than that. After rolling her over again, Xander has Mia get down on her knees and take a nice big load all over her pretty face. That’s a shot we have been waiting for and it’s a super-hot close to a great scene.

Mercedes Carrera & Brad Armstrong

Brad goes to visit Xander’s half-sister (Mercedes Carrera) who happens to be a working girl. He gets the info he wants, but she insists on more. He tries to resist, but soon has her full lips working on his cock. Once his dick gets good and hard, Brad gets into it and begins to enjoy her curvy charms. As soon as she gets on top, Mercedes reaches around and starts playing with her ass. He likes the kink and quickly gets into working fingers into her big round bottom. They go for anal and Mercedes plays it up nicely, talking dirty and riding his cock with her cheeks while he holds onto her hips. They finish up with a great big shot on her face.

Mercedes Carrera & Xander Corvus

It would seem that the preacher and his daughter have underestimated just how bad Xander is. It would also seem that he and his “sister” Mercedes are not quite as related as the town would think. With a big bad plan around the corner, Xander enjoys a hot, sloppy BJ from the seasoned hooker. She smacks his dick on her face and lets him fuck her throat before spreading her legs and inviting him in for a visit. They fuck in spoon with Xander encouraging her to be even louder than she already is. I love the leg shots here. Her ass takes center stage when she gets in top and starts working those hips like the pro she is. They finish up with a shot on her tongue. Mercedes doesn’t stop until she has drained every drop.

BONUS: 3 Bonus Sex Scenes (Mercedes Carrera, Mia Malkova & Jessa Rhodes), Table Read, Country Time (BTS), Photo Gallery, Trailers,

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