Angela Loves Men 2

Angela Loves Men 2

116 Mins
AGW/Girlfriends Films
DIRECTOR: Angela White
THEMES: Angela White, Big Boobs, Natural Boobs, Tease, Rough Sex, Tit Fucking
STARS: Angela White, Ramon Nomar, Bruce Venture, Mick Blue, Manuel Ferrara


By now most of you know that I am crazy about Angela White. She is gorgeous, has a body that looks like it was put together in a fantasy-girl factory and has more energy that just about anyone currently getting it on in front of cameras. Her DVDs are fantastic collections of some of her hottest scenes. They all follow a theme and you don’t have to be a genius or even a professional porn critic to figure out what this one is all about. We get four scenes of Angela working with some of porn’s top male stars. To call these guys lucky would be an understatement. Of course so are we. Before each scene we get some fantastic tease footage. Angela is super easy on the eyes and she knows how to move her body perfectly. I would be shocked if she doesn’t end up winning Best Tease for one of the sequences that show off her fantastic attributes. The opening scene features some shower tease and action under the hot spray. Ramon Nomar joins Angela and the pair get clean before they get dirty. She shines in black lingerie during her hook up with Bruce Venture. Angela just unleashes her sexual energy on him in another hot pairing. Mick Blue joins Angela for the best big boob footage of the movie. This superstar matchup really lives up to our expectations. The finale is an energy of pure sexual energy as Angela squares off with Manuel Ferrara. They match each other stroke for stroke in a scene the perfectly caps off this outstanding collection. This movie, like each title in the Angela Loves series, is a great way to admire the beauty, sexual energy and sheer awesomeness that is Angela White. Don’t miss it.

Angela White & Ramon Nomar

To open the movie, Angela gets into the shower to clean up. We get to enjoy watching the water cascade down her curvy body. We also realize that we aren’t the only ones enjoying the show. Ramon is in there with her and soon has him arms around Angela as they kiss. She strokes his big hard cock and lowers her mouth to the perfect level to inhale every inch. After taking it deep, she wraps her perfect breasts around it and makes sure he is good and hard. Ramon bends her over and we watch Angela’s breasts bounce beautifully. The water is still going and they enjoy every inch of that big shower. I’m not sure how comfortable the hard floor is, but Angela throws her legs back and lets him fuck him at full speed. That’s hot footage, but it can’t hold a candle to how she looks when she gets on top. Facing the camera, Angela grinds her hips and shows off her rack while making every inch of him disappear into her hot pussy. She moves back and forth between his cock and his face, riding both with equal vigor. He pulls out and shoots all over her big boobs.

Angela White & Bruce Venture

Starting the next scene in some black lingerie, Angela struts around, showing off her curves and making sure that everyone is paying close attention. This time we get some slow motion footage of her big boobs shaking all over the place. Great tease footage here that adds to the overall eye candy appeal of the project. After kissing Bruce, Angela kneels and sucks his balls while jerking the shaft of his cock expertly. After a great blowjob, he picks her up and holds her while she drops her pussy down over his cock. Bruce puts her on the couch and licks that pussy until she is ready to be slammed. I throw a lot of praise Angela’s way for her beauty and killer body. She is also a very energetic and fun performer to watch. Right in the middle they stop so she can suck his balls again. Mounting back up, Angela works her hips and shows off her ass while cumming hard on his pulsing rod. He lets her ride and then gets to fuck those beautiful tits again. He drills her hard until pulling out and shooting all over her pussy and tummy. Using it as lube, she rubs herself to a hard climax and then licks her fingers clean. Another really good scene with fantastic energy.

Angela White & Mick Blue

It may seem redundant to point out that Angela spends a good deal of time during the tease footage showing off her amazing breasts. To that I say, so? So long as she wants to show them off, I am going to watch and I am going to point out again that they are both real and spectacular. The teasing stop as soon as she gets a look at Mick’s hard dick. That’s when she just drops to her knees and makes it disappear into her talented mouth. This is some furious mouth fucking that Angela handles like a champ. Mick puts her on the couch and pushes her legs back. He tongues her pussy with a great deal of enthusiasm and she certainly appreciates the effort. With her leg already back, he slips his cock right into her tight slit. Great sexual energy here and of course we get to ogle Angel’s amazing curves. She lets him take a break and then fucks him with her feet for a while. They throw in some tit fucking just to make sure he enjoys just about all of her physical attributes. (Could have said ASSets there, but I avoided the pun. Until I didn’t so….half point?) When they stop for some pussy eating, she curls her toes like she is literally going to explode at any moment. She repays his oral efforts by stroking a huge load into her mouth. Damn she looks like she is trying to make everyone cum at once when she gets her partner off.

Angela White & Manuel Ferrara

Manuel is playing the piano but stops as soon as he sees Angela come down the stairs in black lingerie. In no time she is stuffing his oversized cock down her throat and tearing at his clothes to get them off. Making sure to get the balls and beyond, Angela licks him until he can’t stand it any longer and just has to flip her over for a shot at that pussy. It slips in quickly and she rubs her clit hard while he pounds away. Aggressive sex is the order of the day here and both performers prove to be quite adept at this erotic art. The doggy looks great, but if you are waiting for the best view of her ample assets, check out Angela riding high and hard in the saddle. In cowgirl she has her boob bouncing and then when she turns around we get some nice leg shots while she rubs her clit hard enough to nearly set it on fire. To finish out, Angela kneels and opens her mouth while Manuel rains down a huge load all over her pretty face. This one is all about fucking hard, fast and making sure everyone remembers that Angela White is one of the hottest, most energetic performers in the business.

BONUS: Trailers & bonus scene (Angela White & David)

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