MOVIE TYPE: Star Showcase
178 Mins
Hard X
THEMES: Big Ass, Double Anal, DP, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Deep Throat, Slapping, Choking, Anal Sex
STARS: Abella Danger, Kristina Rose, Mick Blue, Manuel Ferrara, Rico Strong


Mason has scored another great star to feature in a showcase. Abella Danger, for those of you living under a rock, or in Utah, is one of the hottest booty girls to hit porn in a while. It is her turn to get her own Mason movie and the results are what you would expect. The tease is beautifully shot and shows off Abella’s obvious charms as well as the rest of her assets. The sex is well shot and quite aggressive. Abella does some first time sex acts here, including some double anal in the finale. It is apparently her first DP as well. That’s kind of jumping the gun because we have plenty to enjoy getting there. The opening scene features Abella going to cheek to cheek and toe to toe with Kristina Rose. These amazing asses come together for an epic opening three way. Great scene that is shot in a way that properly shows off both women in all their splendor. Abella takes on Manuel Ferrara next. He puts her through her paces and really works her over. This is where Abella proves that she is more than just a cute face and a great ass. She fucks like she loves it, works up a sweat and makes her case as one of the very best in the business. Rico Strong gives her a similar workout, adding some hot interracial action the mix. The finale features two dicks in every one of her holes. Double anal is a tight fit, but she makes it work. Not that she had anything to prove to me, but that big time finishing scene is enough to win over just about anyone. Abella Danger remains one of the hottest commodities in porn and Mason has another hit on her hands.

Abella Danger & Kristina Rose and Mick Blue

OK we start the movie with a scene that pairs two of the finest asses in the history of porn. We all know that this is Abella’s movie and that she is one of the reigning ass princesses of porn. How does she stack up cheek to cheek with Kristina Rose? We get to see that as they pose, tease and get oiled up side by side. If you are a butt lover you just have to see how they finish the tease with back to back cheek rubbing. It’s a thing of beauty. When they go inside to let Mick get some, the girls stand over him and rube their asses on his face and then all over his cock. Kristina takes him into her mouth first and sucks like crazy while Mick eats Abella’s booty. Kristina takes over, licking Abella’s box until she quivers and screams while Mike chokes her. These two porn vets are really putting her through her paces. They get into some serious anal sex, with the young starlet proving that ass is more than just something pretty to look at. Getting into 69 Kristina follows suit, letting Mick plow her cheeks while Abella is waiting there to provide mouth service to both of them. Always energetic, both girls get sweaty and missy as they take turns getting worked over by Mick’s cock. This is a very solid rough sex scene with choking, slapping and a whole lot of spanking. Kristina also tries to shove her whole fist down Abella’s throat at one point. We learned early on that Abella could hang with Kristina in the battle of the asses, but she earns super high marks for also hanging with the legendary performer in the anal sex and overall energy departments. The action caps with a big shared facial and a cum-swapping kiss. Tough to find fault with anything in this opening scene.

Abella Danger & Manuel Ferrara

Leading up to the next scene we get almost ten minutes of tease. It focuses on Abella’s ass of course and it is beautifully shot. If you like her ass at all, you are going to flip for this. Just watching her pose with her back arched is enough to keep me glued. Great segment thanks to beautiful camerawork and a stunning subject. Manuel shows and Abella goes into breathless cock monster mode in no time. That big cock gags her and she does her best to take most of it in. Turning her around, the slides his dick into her from behind. Abella arches her back to show off that ass and is quite thrilled when he takes her back door. Manuel drives her nuts with his cock and his fingers until Abella is just begging and babbling as she cums harder and harder. She seems to like to be choked while he fucks that spectacular ass. They finish up this high-impact fuck with a big load in Abella’s mouth. She savors it while rubbing her pussy and then swallows every drop. If you like this kind of scene, then mark this one down as a must-see.

Abella Danger & Rico Strong

Before this scene, Abella digs deep into her romantic side. She’s a passionate young woman and if she loves you will do anything to please you. Sounds like she’s a ride or die kind of girl and that would seem to translate into her scenes. When she hits the couch with Rico Strong, Abella shows that same energy and devotion to task as she takes on his big cock. She positions her body so that her ass is within reach so she can play with it at the same time she faces the camera and inhales that long pole. She gets him good and ready before riding that big cock. Abella knows how to fuck and when she turns her ass to the camera, she knows just how fucking great she looks from that angle. After letting her have a long ride, he flips her over and pushes her legs back so he can fuck that perfect ass deep and hard. There is some great looking anal in this scene, including some close up shots of RCA with Abella holding on for dear life while Rico power slams that tight backdoor. She is quite enthusiastic about his cock and drops to her knees to take a huge load on her tongue at the end of the action. If you have been looking for a scene where Abella gets her big sexy ass plowed by a big black cock, here you go. Enjoy.

Abella Danger, Mick Blue &

For the finale, Abella gets to have two guys share her affections. She tells us how much she enjoys this because she get’s double the attention. She also gives away some of the action by telling us how much she loved the double anal. (Oh man, I should have done one of those spoiler alert things.) Before the scene, she shows off in a skin tight red dress. There is already a plug in her fine ass so even before the guys show up she is getting stretched. Dropping to her knees she knows just how to welcome them to the party. She sucks both cocks and lets them fuck her face. We have seen how crazed she gets for cock things move along quite quickly. They have her in doggy, fucking at both ends. Abella looks pretty fantastic in this position. Flipping her over they bang her ass good and hard. Now it’s time for her first DP. The guys stuff both holes and she takes it perfectly. Flipping her legs in the air, she takes every inch that they slam into her. Plenty of double stuff shots as Abella keeps working herself into a frenzy. They give her two in the ass and she doesn’t slow down a bit. It’s a tight fit, but the guys enjoy it and she curls her toes like she is being sent into orbit. The guys go back to standard DP and have Abella screaming and sweating in no time. The anal love fest continues, complete with slapping of the breasts and ass, choking and plenty of hard pounding. They get her face up and go for some more double anal. Abella literally screams out as the two cocks stretch her tightest of holes. The guys cum on her face and she rubs it in before licking her hands clean. What a big finish.

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