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No other mainstream porn company understands the foot fan the way Kick Ass Pictures does. This website comes from their network and focuses in on feet like no other site I have seen. Since I’m not a big foot fan, it was nice to see that in addition to great attention to detail and genre-specific action, they also included some really hot sex. It is a great site with a variety of action and an excellent foot lovers forum. It also gives you the whole Kick Ass network for one price so you can get their stuff, interracial, cream pies, MILF, strap on and cuckold action all for the price of one membership. Look for other reviews from this network, but starting with the foot fetish site seems appropriate since Kick Ass began their empire with a foot fetish line.

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Years ago, a foot lover named Mark Archer stared a little company called Kick Ass Pictures. By now all of you have heard of them. What you may not remember is that the company started with a line of videos (That seems like so long ago) called “Barefoot Confidential.” These movies blended foot fetish material with sex in a fun, light manner. Over time, they have become more hard core and as a company Kick Ass Pictures still offers a nod to the foot lovers in nearly all of their movies. Now they have turned their attention to the web and with they can focus completely on sex that is centered way down at the end of some long legs. This site is billed as “The #1 Foot Fetish Site in the World” and it would be tough to argue that. Keeping in mind that I’m not a foot expert, but I know quality porn when I see it. Kick Ass has always done a great job of balancing the footage that the core audience craves with a general sex appeal that always makes things fun. The site features videos, photo sets, zipped content, hardcore sex, sandy beaches, fishnet stockings, amateurs, a message board, contests and so much more. It features some of the biggest stars in the world of porn and shows that they are more than just beautiful faces, big boobs and great asses. They also have sweet soles, tasty toes and totally fuckable feet.

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