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No Love for Max

Not Exactly Porn’s Prom King

The general consensus on Max Hardcore seems to be that he is getting what he deserves. If porn fans on message boards, readers of this site and even some of his former friends had a vote, Max would be permanently voted off the island. It is pretty clear that Max has burned most of his bridges over the years. Even the reaction to my blog which never (read it again NEVER) defended Max were decidedly hostile. Some of you got it, but a lot of people don’t see the difference between wanting justice and wanting to see someone go to jail for content. It’s funny of course because I have taken more than my share of shit over the years for bringing up some of the same issues that many people are screaming about.
You may have seen Skeeter Kerkove taken Max apart over on These men were quite friendly not that long ago and now Skeeter has some scathing criticisms of Max on virtually every level. Whatever happened between them is serious and obviously personal. None of us know for sure what the truth is, but reading Skeeter’s story one can see why he is angry. If Max did what Skeeter accuses him of (Trying to set him up, ratting him out to the Feds etc.) then of course that’s going to end a friendship. Whatever the truth it, it’s an ugly story and clearly something happened to turn one of Max’s most ardent supporters into perhaps his most vocal detractor.
It is pretty clear that Max has built up plenty of negative karma over the years and that is blowing right back on him right now. Suddenly people are spilling stories that one can only wish they had spilled years ago. That’s another discussion for another time though.

And to everyone who got my original point, thank you for reading, listening and understanding what I was trying to say.

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