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More Max Hardcore Feedback Brings New Ideas

The Max Hardcore discussion has continued and other points of view are coming forth. ran my Max Hardcore Sentencing Blog and got some quick feedback. The initial response by The Colonel is a little harsh, but things have taken a more civil tone so I’m posting a couple here. Feel free to weigh in on your own.

The Colonel Writes

Rog writes:’I am unhappy that Max is going to prison because he is going there for making movies.’
You sir, are either an idiot or a hypocrite. You think as long as a camera rolls, that will justify any heinous and vile act of abuse, dehumanization and traumatization, and that’s one of the most horrible and pathetic excuses I’ve heard in my life. So you’re either an idot for not realizing that, or a hypocrite for not admitting that. Back in the 90’s when Serbs invaded Bosnia to kill all the muslem population, they used to film raping pregnant women and young girls and boys and killing them in brutal ways. By your logic, those atrocious acts must be justifyable, too, only because they were filmed, Serbs were ‘making movies’. I don’t know if you ever talked to girls who were in a Max Hardcore video, but I have talked to several of them, and they all agree on two things:
1. Prior to shooting the scene, they didn’t fully know and understand what they were getting themselves into, they signed on to do an anal scene, but they ended up saying disturbing things about their parents, puking and drinking piss. Max might have shot a disclaimer with them after finishing the scene, and they had to say whatever he wanted them to say on that disclaimer just to get their money and get out of his house, but that doesn’t fool anybody with half a brian.
2. Many months or years later, many double penetration and gang bang scenes and wierd private clients later, the events of that single day of working with Max Hardcore still huants them and disturbs them, and that speaks in volumes.
If any of you have mixed feelings or doubts about Max Hardcore’s situation, then try this: imagine he’s ‘making movies’ with your own duaghter or sister or girl friend or wife, and see you would you feel, then. I hope the prison bleeds Max Hardcore financially and breaks his spirit so once he’s gone, he stays gone. Despite how bad the world is, but still it would be a better place without him.

Since I completely understand where The Colonel is coming from I reminded him that I didn’t make any of the statements or arguments he is fighting against. Nothing is justifiable because a camera is on. My reply follows.

Rog Replied:

Thanks Colonel,
Perhaps you just didn’t read what I wrote carefully enough.
I never said that a camera justifies “any heinous and vile act of abuse, dehumanization and traumatization.” In fact I was rather explicit in pointing out just the opposite.
All of what you have heard may be 100% true. That doesn’t change the fact that Max wasn’t charged with rape or assault. He was charged with what was on those DVDs. His content was found to be illegal and landed him in jail.
I understand your point. The problem is you’re fighting against a point I never made.
As I said in my post the arguments you listed are completely valid and should be discussed. If Max is guilty of everything you lay out here he should be put on trial for that. But that isn’t the case so we are left with what we can prove in court.

The Colonel summed up his position as follows:

The Colonel Writes:

Rog, the judicial system in this country is complex and corrupt, there are only a very few people who still believe in justice, and they’re in an all out war against a crippling system that most of the times rewards the criminal and turns a blind eye on the victem, hence they must fight tooth and nail and get dirty to get the things done.
Everybody knows and agrees that Max Hardcore is a sadist abuser who violates and scars naive girls physically, mentally and emotionally and does it all under the pretence of making movies and taking advantage of his first amendment, but due to complexity of our beurocratic judicial system, most probably he could never be put on trial for the actual crimes he’s been committing for years, so they found an alternative in obscenity charges, remember, Al Capone didn’t go to prison for organizing a crime band, he went to prison for tax evasion charges, but the end justifies the means, the important thing is that Max Hardcore is going out of the adult business, he can no longer damage lives, and even though I support the first amendment and freedom of expression, but I will not support someone like Max Hardcore who violates defendless victems and hides behind the first amendment.

I’m not interested in attacking anyone’s point of view on this issue. I was simply stating mine and I both respect and understand everything that the Colonel is saying here. It is just very important to remember that I never defended Max in this. I defended his right to make movies starring consenting adults. He is going to jail not for the things some people know, think they know, have heard or have been told. Even if all of those things are true, he went to jail for making a movie.
In this case, some may believe that the means (Obscenity Prosecution) are justified by the end (Putting someone who is allegedly a “sadist abuser” in jail.) but it also sets a legal precedent that scares me. It fashions a legal sword that I do not wish to see used on John Stagliano, Jules Jordan, Paul Thomas or any other pornographer.
I understand the Al Capone comparison, but here is why it does not apply here. Capone, a murdering gangster responsible for hundreds of deaths didn’t go to jail for killing. He went to jail for tax evasion. But I’m fine with someone going to jail for income tax evasion. In this case Max is allegedly a “sadist abuser” who may be responsible for some violent crimes against women. He’s going to jail for the content of his movies. Sexual content between (As far as we can prove) consenting adults. I DO have a problem with someone going to jail for that.
But I totally understand where Colonel is coming from. This is one of those situations where many people are conflicted. My intent was to point out why I am not conflicted about Max’s conviction on obscenity charges. I thought I did that well without defending Max’s actions (alleged and otherwise) or “hiding behind” the First Amendment. I don’t even think that The Colonel disagrees with the points I made, he is just willing to take the “ends justify the means” position which is valid to be sure.

Keep it up folks.

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